Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The 4th

I love it when holidays fall on Fridays and Mondays.  It makes for such a nice, festive long weekend.
Michael was off from work on Friday and the kids had no classes.  We spent the morning just hanging out at home.  After Elliott's nap we took the annual flag bathing suit pictures.  Don't worry, I'm working on a comparison post with pictures dating back to 2008.
Elliott impressed me.  We got it done in 3 takes.  A candy bribe may or may not have been involved.

Then we took annual patriotic clothes and props pictures.  This did not go as smoothly.  Spencer said the hat was itchy, the hat kept falling over Elliott's eyes and Elliott was incredibly distracted by the patriotic props.

Once all of that nonsense was done we headed to John and Maryellen's for a pool party.   Lauren was nice enough to take a family picture before anyone got wet, spilled food/drink on their clothes or had their make-up melt off from the heat. 
It was a fun party.  Anyone who is anyone was there. 



Our photobomber got photobombed and then that photobombing photobomber got photobombed.  It was like 8 layers of photobombing Inception.
After the party Michael took Elliott home to put him to bed.  Spencer and I went with John, Maryellen, Lauren and Jeff to watch the fireworks.  We had intended on actually going to the park where there was a big party going on, but the line for the parking lot was almost a mile long, so we just parked in an open dirt lot.  I added a John Phillip Sousa station onto Pandora on my phone and we just sat in the back of the car and rocked out to the patriotic tunes. It ended up being really fun and we had a perfect view of the show. 
I also had a costume change.

It was everything that the 4th should be. 
Swimming, burgers, fireworks and friends.


Valerie said...

Seeing your posts like this make me want to move.

Sherry said...

Way to go Elliott on the awesome photo shoot! Yep, our boys are pretty similar on the picture taking. Evan can get super whiny about everything when he doesn't want to cooperate for pictures. Haha! The hats were an awesome addition to their festive apparel. Despite the make-up melting heat, it does look like a fun celebration was had by all!