Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Hello blog friends and stalkers.

We are back from our mini vacation to California.  Unless you know me on facebook you might not have been aware that I was even gone.  That is bound to happen when my blogging is so spotty and disjointed.

We drove over last Thursday and returned on Monday evening.  We packed a lot in to those days, though, so I'll probably break them up into several posts.  Before we get to the beachy, fun stuff I'll quickly wrap-up last week before we left.

On Sunday morning (the 6th) Spencer came and got me before he checked under his pillow to see if the tooth fairy had come.  He wanted me to take pictures while he looked.  Atta boy, Spencer, atta boy.  That's the son of a blogger right there.

Approaching the pillow
Lifting and looking
The tooth fairy brought him $2, as well as a handwritten note and his first lost tooth.  She explained, in the note, that she was done with the tooth and that he could put it in his baby book.  Somehow the tooth had broken in half, but the tooth fairy very carefully glued it back together with super glue.
Later that day Ginger was a bum.
And then she took a nap on top of trains.  Without complaint.  I graciously moved them for her.
Spencer was 6 years 10 months old that day.  We did a photo shoot in the guest room.

On Monday the 7th Spencer had drama class and Elliott had his last art class.  They were both unusually tired after class so I let them watch cartoons before lunch.  Spencer was, in his words, "freeezing" so he got underneath the sheet we keep on the couch to keep Ginger's hair off the couch.
Then Elliott decided he was freezing too.

On Tuesday the 8th the kids wanted to cuddle in Elliott's bed after they woke up in the morning.  These were the only two pictures I took all day.   And I didn't take any of Wednesday the 9th. 

So that brings us to vacation.  Yipee!


Valerie said...

Sigh. Those pictures of them on the couch. I just can't. Absolutely precious.

I can't wait to hear the full run down of your vacation!! And how Elliott liked the ocean?!?!

Sherry said...

Yes, Spencer is totally the most cooperative child for photographic documentation I have ever seen. You have trained him well. Haha! Oh, the head funny! Can't wait to read about the vacation and Elliott's first beach trip!

Cat said...

Per usual, I love the pics!