Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Legoland- morning

I decided to split the Legoland post into two separate posts: pre-lunch and post-lunch.  If I did not make this decision we were looking at 100+ photos (not exaggerating) in one post.  Which is clearly too many. Even still, feel free to just scroll because there are mostly pictures.
This was my foot space on the way to Legoland.  We packed up and left the hotel for good that morning and ate breakfast on the way to the park.  This was actually only the bottom layer.
This was the middle layer.
And the paper towels were the top layer.  Michael had to help me dig out when we got there.
Spencer was only pretending to sleep in the car.  It's funny how the idea of him sleeping in the car is so ridiculous that it's a family joke.
And finally we were there!
So, Legoland has a lot of legos.  Shocker.  Most of the pictures I took are of the impressive things that they built with all the legos.  We were told that everything was built with regular, non-specially formed lego pieces, but I think they are lying.

We felt really out of our element at Legoland since it was our first time there.  We know how to do Disneyland so well, but we were clueless about Legoland.  I read their website the night before and they suggested that you head to the back of the park first and work your way back to the front.  So that's what we did.
We started in the Pirate's Shore area.
Spencer and I went on Captain Cranky's Challenge together.
And this is where we made our first beginner mistake.  We did not pay the extra money to have access to the two different water park part of Legoland.  Knowing that we were not going to the water parks we didn't bring swim suits with us thinking we wouldn't need them.  Well, surprise, surprise, Pirate Shores is basically a water park.  Elliott was soaked within our first 5 minutes.
And then Spencer joined him after we went on that first ride.
So while I sat and watched them getting soaked Michael trekked all the way back out to the car to get their suits, swim diapers and a change of clothes for each kid.  It took a good 30 minutes for him to do that.

Once we had their suits on we went on some of the water rides.

Elliott's first theme park ride- Splash Battle.
Then we made the monumentally bad choice to go on Pirate Reef where we all got completely soaked.
There were huge, people sized dryers that you could pay $5 to stand in and get dry fast, but we decided against it.
So, after all of that work to go get their suits, we left Pirate's Shore and pretty much didn't get wet for the rest of the day.  Oh well.  You live and you learn.
Then we headed to Miniland USA.  On the way we passed through the Star Wars Area.  Spencer was in heaven.

Star Wars Miniland 
I'm an almost 35 year old female and even I wanted to climb into these displays and play a little bit.

After the Star Wars Miniland we headed to the Miniland USA area.  I took a lot of pictures and I am not posting all of them, but these are the ones that I thought were the coolest.

After Miniland we headed to Castle Hill via the Block of Fame.
Spencer was trying to recreate their faces.
President Washington 

President Lincoln
Winston Churchill
The Queen
We think this was Beethoven, but we kind of can't remember for sure.
Marilyn Monroe 
Once we made it to Castle Hill we stopped for a 7 million dollar lunch.  And that is where I will stop for now, mostly for your sanity because this is definitely the equivalent of sitting in my living room and watching a slide show of my summer vacation.
Legoland-afternoon coming up soon!


Sherry said...

Oh Legoland! We haven't done this yet, but I know it must be added to our must-do list because with two boys, what is more exciting than legos? Haha! I agree that there is no way all of that was built with just regular old lego pieces. How dumb do they think we are? ;-) Thanks for the warning that the boys will need swimsuits when we ever decide to do this. If there is even an ounce of water anywhere, Brody will end up soaked. Our recent 4th of July experience an upcoming post will prove that. ;-) Oh Star Wars, I have a love/hate relationship with you. Our boys both have that in common. Those sets are extremely detailed! And now your kids can say they've been to the nation's capital too! It really does look like the real thing! ;-) Eddie says I do a really good Elvis impression so I will have to give Spencer pointers on how to do the lip curl. Hehe! Love the picture of Michael loving on Marilyn. :-)

Cat said...

Those legos are impressive! No wonder kids get so excited about that place.