Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Back on track

I think I am over my blogging funk.  Something clicked today and I was feeling excited to get on the computer to read blogs and update mine tonight.  Hopefully it will last more than one day.
I don't have much to talk about since I was such a bum about taking pictures this past week.  We even lost the camera for a few days and it didn't really seem to matter. 
Last Wednesday, the 25th, I went out after dinner to run some errands that I didn't feel like dragging kids to during the day.  While I was gone Michael just casually asked Elliott if he wanted to sleep in his own bed that night.  Elliott said yes.  And he continued to say yes right up to bedtime.  We were fully, totally ready for him to back out at the very last minute, but he didn't.  He had no problem saying good night and letting us leave the room.  There wasn't a peep out of him.

I snuck in there when we went to bed and dared to take this picture. 
Then we went to bed totally prepared for him to wake up screaming for us at 2:00 am. But he didn't.  He woke up at 6:40 (about 40 minutes earlier than usual) and yelled, "Mommy!  Daddy!  Come out, come out wherever you are!"
Michael was already at work so I went in there and asked if he wanted to cuddle with me.  He said yes so I picked him up and started walking to my bed.  He screamed "no! Elliott's bed.  Not mommy and daddy's bed". 
He napped in his bed that day and then slept in his bed that night.  And he has every night since then (except for the 1 night he was in Tucson on Saturday) and has had no problems.  So, Elliott has officially moved into his own bed in his own room......7 months earlier than Spencer did.  He's even back to sleeping until 7:15 now too.  I cannot complain about that.
The day after Elliott moved to his own room Spencer had crazy hair after swim lessons.
On Friday Megan, Scott, Hadley and Hollis came over for dinner.  They are moving to Denver tomorrow and this was our last chance to hang out.  The kids had a blast dressing up in all sorts of costumes.
We decided we needed to get a good picture of all 4 kids  Well, I don't know if it's good, but we got all of them.
And one with the moms too.  This is what our families would look like if Megan and I traded Elliott and Hollis.
Spencer loves babies.

That night Elliott showed off his new Jake jammies.  I recently went through his PJ drawer and got rid of everything that no longer fit.  It left him with 1 pair.  So we went to Walmart and got some new ones.
Our weekend was totally awesome, but I didn't take a single picture of any of it.  We met Michael's parents in Casa Grande on Saturday morning.  They took the kids back to Tucson with them.  Then Michael and I:
went to the movies (22 Jump Street)
went home and ate lunch
went to the movies (Edge of Tomorrow)
went home and did laundry and ate dinner
went to the movies (The Fault in our Stars)
went home and went to bed
slept until 9 am, went to the bathroom, went back to sleep until 10 am
worked out and ate breakfast at 11:30 am
It was all sorts of glorious.


Valerie said...

Woo hoo!!! Way to go Elliott. Your boys are getting so big.

Jeannette said...

Ha, Spencer's hair is too funny!

Good luck in CO, Megan! The girls are so big and beautiful. :)

Way to go, Elliott and congrats, Natalie and Michael on reclaiming your bedroom and having a totally amazing sounding weekend!

Sherry said...

Leave it to the man to be the one to push getting his own bed back kid free. Haha! Way to go, Elliott! Looks like you love having all that space to yourself. I know you all are really going to miss Megan's family. I see some trips to Colorado in your future. ;-) I feel bad that Brody is wearing most of Evan's hand-me-down pajamas. Evan could still wear the size 4 ones, but they were getting way too short. Like his boxer briefs were longer than the shorts. Haha! Now, Evan's pajama drawer is really skimpy and Brody's is pretty full. Pajamas for Evan's age range just aren't as cute anymore. :-(