Thursday, April 10, 2014

What should I do?

So much hope to get the Whole 30 post done.  So much failure.
Maybe I will put my heart and soul into it this weekend.
Anyway, these are the pictures I was talking about in my last post.  We had these taken when Spencer was 2 years 8 months old. 
I love them.
We got 5 x 7 prints of these and I framed them right away.  The frames started out in the living room and after about a year they moved to the dresser in Spencer's room.
Spencer's allergies were really, really bad at that time.  We hadn't started seeing his allergist yet and he was just totally out of control.  Look at his poor eyes.
Here is a side by side comparison of the old pictures and the new pictures.

What should I do?
These are the options:
A) Take the old pictures out of the frames and put the new pictures in (full disclosure: I think I would miss the old pictures.  They really are two of my most favorite pictures, ever!)
B) Get new frames and put the new pictures in the new frames but display them in a different part of the house.
C) Get new frames for the new pictures and have both sets in Spencer's room, which seems a little cluttery and I will probably veto that if people vote for it.
To give you a better idea before you vote.  These are the frames.
And this is a wide shot of what they look like in his room.
And just for fun, here is a side by side of Spencer (2 years 8 months) and Elliott (2 years almost 4 months) with mommy,
and daddy.
Elliott is definitely getting new frames for his pictures for his room.  Maybe he will be inspired to sleep in his own room if there are lovely pictures of his parents in there.


Jeannette said...

Okay, this is going to sound *totally* crazy, but what if you ask Spencer what pictures he wants in his room?

I agree that the new ones need to be displayed somewhere (they are just so good) and that they shouldn't all be together on his dresser.

How's that for not really helping?

Sherry said...

Yes, I think you need to display the new pictures somewhere, but I do like the old pictures too. I am sure you can find a nice place for them all! I totally loved the pink outfit pictures (you look great in pink...that is "our" color, I think), but I also love the outfit choices for the new pictures. Good job with that, mama! :-)