Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring 2014 Family Pictures

A few weeks ago Carters had a huge weekend sale.  I wandered in just for the heck of it, not really planning on buying anything specific.  Then I found some absolutely adorable Easter outfits for the boys.  Soon after I was at Old Navy and found a chambray shirt for myself.  And then I decided that we had to have family pictures in our new threads. 
I immediately regreted the thought, given Elliott's past performance at the portrait studio.  But we decided to go ahead with it, rationalizing that in the worst case scenario they all turned out awful and we just didn't order anything.
We were pleasently surprised when Elliott accepted our offer of a special treat after the pictures and actually cooperated.
We ended up ordering a bunch of prints.  We were amazed!
I did not, however, think that it was worth $150 to order the full CD with all the images, so what you are about to see are snipped images.  I could never print them, because the quality is horrible, but they do just fine for blogging and facebooking.
By the way, get used to Spencer and Elliott in these outfits because they will be wearing them to see the Easter Bunny, for Easter, and for Spencer's kindergarten graduation.

We had pictures done with Spencer when he was a little more than two and a half.  We had family pictures as well as me with Spencer and Spencer with Michael.  I love those pictures.  I think I will do some comparison collages for a future post.  And then you, my readers, can help me decide if I should put these new pictures in the frames that have the old pictures, and no longer display the old pictures.

Elliott's face is hilarious.  We did not order this print though.

Bunny and Lambdon were last minute additions.  We grabbed them on the way out the door.  I'm going to hang this by their play area in the family room.

If Michael and I were going to renew our vows we could use this as an "engagement" picture.

We were offered a whole bunch of collages and enhanced images.  I usually don't get any of those, but this one was on sale for $10.  Why not?
OK.  I can't promise the Whole 30 post will be done on Thursday, but I'm working on it and hope to get it up really soon.  Pretty soon.  Sooner rather than later.  Yeah.


Valerie said...

These turned out great. I'm sorry but the one of Elliott making that face is priceless. Does he put his hands in his mouth when he laughs? Oliver does that when he gets really excited about something.

Sherry said...

These are precious, cute, sweet...and yes, some of them are even quite funny. Yes, they are a perfect depiction of your family! I love the preppy outfits of course, and I totally understand the need to use them as much as possible, twin! ;-) I also love that you and I both have two kids who each look almost exactly like one of their parents. Michael and Spencer are practically clones, and Elliott looks more and more like you everyday! And now, I simply must have some cute pictures of my kids holding stuffed animals...and maybe even "eating" them? Haha!

Sherry said...

And Valerie, Brody has started the "bad" habit of putting his hands in his mouth when he laughs or when I am trying to take his picture. I definitely think it is a nervous tick of sorts. :-)

Jeannette said...

I just realized that my comments are going to be in reverse post order and that kinda drives me crazy, but oh well.
LOVE these family pictures! Seriously, they turned out so nice!
Also, will you please dress my family for our next professional photo session? Thanks.

Cat said...

Okay, I know I say this a lot, but I really do mean it, I LOVE those pictures. :)