Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Another recap

I have promised several people that I will write a post about doing Whole 30.  Every night I have the best intentions to sit down and write it.  And every night, instead of writing it I 1) go on pinterest and 2) watch tv.  When I do get around to writing a blog post I take the easy way out and write about what we've been doing around here.
Tonight, I fail once again.
No Whole 30 post.
Maybe tomorrow.
That is a lie.  I will not be writing the Whole 30 post tomorrow.  I will be uploading the family pictures we had taken today, because those must be shared immediately!
Onto the recap!
Last Friday we drove down to Tucson for the weekend.  It was a big weekend because we left Elliott overnight for the first time.
We slept at my parents house on Friday night.  On Saturday morning we went out for breakfast.  Michael and I both finished doing a 33 day Whole 30 and we took Saturday as an "off" day before starting back up again.
After breakfast we packed the kids up and headed for Michael's parents house.  We hung out there for a bit before we took off and went to see Divergent.  It was excellent and now I feel like I must read Insurgent, asap.
The kids had a total blast without us. 
After the movie we got a wee bit of lunch and then went back to my parents house where we got ready to go to the reason we were in Tucson and leaving Elliott over night for the first time.
Let me explain.  My dad was being inducted into the Hall of Fame for our high school (my brothers and I went to the same high school as our dad and uncle) and there was a big fancy ceremony for it.
First there was a cocktail hour where I had a delicious and lovely glass of red wine.  Then, dinner.
Our table:
my mom and dad,
my parents friends Rosemary and Sheila, 
Michael and me, 
Lois and Jerry, 
and my uncle's friend and my Uncle Terry.  My Aunt Karen wasn't able to make it because of a medical procedure she had the day before and her meal was already paid for, so my uncle brought his friend.  The friend has a very difficult foreign name that I can't and couldn't remember, so I called him Uncle Terry's date all night. 
My dad making his speech. 
After the entire thing was over we went home and Michael and I went to bed almost immediately.  We were aiming for at least 10 hours of totally uninterrupted sleep.  Michael achieved the goal.  Me- not so much.  Michael kept waking me up with his various annoying sleep habits.
On Sunday we started back up on Whole 30, so no more fancy going out for breakfast for us.  We ate breakfast with my mom and dad.  Then we went to see Captain America before we went to pick up the munchkins. 
Sunday was another big day in Elliott's life.  We turned his car seat around to face the front.  We could have technically/legally done it 4 months ago, but he wasn't complaining about facing the rear so we felt no reason to push it.  It's getting hot now though (they are forecasting 96 degrees for tomorrow!) and he gets no airflow facing the back.  

He was very, very, very intrigued by the new view out the front window.
Once we got home we realized that it was the 6th and we had to take Spencer's picture.  He's now closer to age 7 than to age 6.  Crazy.

On Monday Elliott and I went to Home Depot and bought a bunch of peel and stick tile so I could line the linen closet.

I'm really glad I went to all that effort because with the linens on top it looks absolutely stunning.
Ok.  Tomorrow: family pictures.  After that: Whole 30 post.  Or not.  I'll probably just pin a bunch of winning pins like the peel and stick tile as shelf liner idea. 


Sherry said...

I think I can survive a few more days without the Whole 30 post. ;-) I really did love this post because I know how proud you are of your dad, and I just always like seeing pictures of you with your dad since you are obviously his mini me. I am so glad you saw Divergent. I started Insurgent, but I am kind of taking a break because I've been too busy to read lately, and I figured I had some time before that movie. I started it right away since it picks up right where Divergent leaves off. And wasn't Four just adorable and sexy? ;-)

I am also so envious of your boys playing in that little swimming pool with their awesome water toys. I could definitely relax in that pool right now!

Jeannette said...

I'd say 67.3% of the reason we bought a new car was so that the kids would have rear air vents and I wouldn't have to turn Ellie around. I'm that freaking crazy. Of course, Elliott is probably heavier than Ellie at this point.
Glad you guys had a lovely weekend without the kids! Michael owes you 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Mother's Day is next month. Just sayin'.