Tuesday, April 1, 2014

An important week

Last week was a big week.  A lot of important things happened.  I will now share 1,400 pictures and explain in excruciating detail everything that made last week BIG.  I will also throw in 786 pictures of just some normal, everyday occurances.
We're starting last Monday, the 21st.
Spencer used his own money to buy this angry bird from the clearance section at Hobby Lobby.  He is in love with it.  He even referred to it as his best friend. 
Elliott is very, very into building towers.
He was quite proud of his work.

On Tuesday Elliott wore a new shirt that I bought him for next winter.  I just couldn't wait.  I love it so much.  It was $3 which makes me love it even more.
He was burning up by 10:30 am, so I changed him and put the shirt away until November.

That afternoon Spencer took these pictures by himself.  I didn't even know he had done it until I downloaded stuff a few days later.

On Wednesday we had a new heater and new air conditioner installed.  We'll be paying for them until Elliott goes to college. 
We have two units in the house and one set of the units (heat and AC) was replaced 1 month before we bought the house.  The other set was original to the house, so they were 19 years old.  There was no way the AC would have made it through another summer so we HAD to do it, but oh jeez, the cost!
We weren't sure how they were going to get the old AC unit out and the new one in.
Then we found out.
Yep.  They used a crane.  It was pretty remarkable, actually.

The new one is on the left.  It's top of the line and will hopefully carry us through 115 degrees come July.
Wednesday was also the day that we discovered that a chunk of the backboard of the pool basketball hoop had been cracked and knocked out during a dust storm the day before.

And finally, Wednesday was also the day that we found a duck in the backyard.  We're never seen one in our yard before.  I think it was called by the crane........get it?  Crane?  Duck?  Water fowl?  Ha ha ha?

On Thursday Elliott crawled through the doggy door for the first time ever.  He actually unlocked the door, went into the garage and crawled through to get back in.  Silly, silly boy.
Spencer took these pictures.  I was standing around the corner, out of view, listening to Elliott go on and on and on about his predicament.  That kid can talk my ear off, I tell ya.

On Friday Spencer woke up with a black eye after he wacked himself in the face with a garden hose the day before.  He's trying to grow an apple seed into a tree and he was watering it.
On Saturday I woke up and decided that it was time to start staining the linen closet.  I already had most of the supplies I needed from staining the cabinets in the bathroom so I got right to work.
This is post taking the doors off and pre the first coat of stain.
Elliott was excited about it.
And then he wasn't.
After the first coat.

Once I was done with staining we got back to our salt dough egg project.
This part was done entirely shirtless.  Except by me.

Saturday was also the day that we finally got Spencer's new, fancy and EXPENSIVE wet wrap clothes in the mail.  His eczema has been completely out of control and we are hoping that wet wrapping will help us get it back under control.
Wet wrapping clothes go on wet and you put dry clothes over them.  The wraps help keep skin moist and improve effectiveness of topical medicine. They also have a cooling anti-itch effect.
We sprung for the pants and the shirt.
On Sunday we put stickers on the eggs and then mod podged them.

I also did a second coat of stain.

Then we prepared the vase and the branches for the salt dough eggs.  First we had to take out the current decoration in the vase.
Ginger photobombed.

After the branches were ready we added ribbon to all of the eggs and hung them.  And, finally, our Easter craft was done!

So, that was it for our important week.  We basically spent a loooooooooot of money and did a lot of DIY projects.


Valerie said...

You are like the Arizona Martha Stewart. Seriously.

Sherry said...

Oh my, what an epic week! Haha! It looks like a week with many fun things in it and just a few not so fun things. Thank you for FINALLY giving us an after shot of the salt dough egg project. It is looking good! Oh and tell Spencer that with his shiner and his new white suit, he could be a white ninja. Haha!

Cat said...

You are so darn crafty! I love it.