Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We headed down to Tucson for the long Thanksgiving weekend on Wednesday afternoon.  I spent the evening at my brother Nick's house, cooking. 
Thanksgiving day started with pastries at the kitchen island, 
and a little cross-contamination salmonella biohazard. 
Spencer did not want to get up.  It's amazing how much he cherishes his sleep now after he spent the the first two years of life fighting sleep at every possible turn.

Ginger wasn't very enthusiastic about the start of the day either. 
Elliott went down for his nap at about 12:50.  People started getting to my parent's house at 1:00.  It was actually very nice to have a couple hours to just relax and enjoy without worrying about what he was up to.  We even got to finish eating before he got up at 3:00. 
I tried to get pictures of everybody. 
Michael's dad, Raymond, my Uncle Gary, my dad and my cousin Jack. 
Nathan and Kendra, the parents-to-be. 
Jerry and my Aunt Janis
Me and Lois 
Michael, Spencer and Michael's mom, Jeanne  
My brother and I have a long-running inside joke involving ankles, church and a tissue tucked in a sock.  It's a long story and it's been going on for about 22 years.  That's why I am pointing to his sock with my hand. 

My Uncle Terry and Aunt Karen 
Spencer showing off his turkey shirt. 
The carb-tastic, butter and cream filled, Thanksgiving Buffet Spectacular. 
After his nap Elliott ate a bunch of cranberries and not much else.  
Michael and Jack, who are not brothers, looked like brothers. 
My uncle and my dad, who are brothers, didn't look like brothers.  
My dad, who turns 70(!!!!) next week got an early birthday present. 
It's a birthday candle. 
We took some family pictures. 

Nathan and Kendra practiced their family picture taking skills. 

We had a discussion about how painful it is for your milk to come in after the birth of your first baby.
Kendra was disturbed. 
Nathan was amused. 
The birthday candle was burned. 
All of my family members sat around the bar being boozers. 

We continued the boozing theme and boozed up the coffee. 
Elliott showed off his turkey shirt. 

We took more family pictures. 
And a brothers in turkey shirts picture. 
My Uncle Gary and Aunt Janis 
Michael and Me 
Michael, Me and Jerry 
My dad, Michael, Me and Jerry 
My dad, Michael, Nick and Jerry 
And finally, Elliott demonstrated that after a big holiday meal it is important to brush your teeth. 


Sherry said...

What a great family Thanksgiving fully documented for the books! And I was wondering how that "candle" worked. :-)

k and j said...

you are so good at documenting and picture taking!!

Cat said...

Aww, looks like you had a good day. :)