Thursday, November 21, 2013

Roar and Oink!

I picked a theme for Elliott's 2nd birthday party in about February.  There was a dinosaur birthday shirt on sale at Gymboree in a 2T.  I decided right there in the store that I would buy the shirt and we would have a dinosaur party.  I was just barely recovered from throwing his snowman 1st birthday party.
I bought some stuff for the dinosaur party in August when I was shopping for Spencer's golden birthday party.  Then I kind of forgot about it while we went about life.  Until last week, when I realized we were a month away from when I was planning on having the party.
Time to get cracking!
We took an uber-cute picture and made and sent inviations. 
I came up with a menu, printed recipes for when I shop and took a survey of supplies.  We always have left over plates, napkins, plastic silverware, etc. after parties and I always hoard it away for future use, so we're actually in really good shape.  There is very little left to buy.  Just all of the food, which can't be done in advance, some dinosaur paper for menu cards and clear plastic cups.
Yesterday I looked at a bunch of cake ideas on pinterest.  
I'm totally going to do something like this:
I love the idea of t-rex standing on a mountain of chocolate.
We also went to the candy store and bought 1.5 pounds of candy rocks- both jelly and chocolate.  They are hiding in Elliott's closet so that a certain 6 year old and another certain 36 year old don't eat them.
I also saw these on pinterest and am in love with this idea.  This is why we need clear, plastic cups.
We already had some cheap plastic dinosaurs, but I wanted to look for a few more for decorating the buffet table, the dessert table and the cake.  I also wanted to get tiny ones for the pudding cups and for goodie bags.
The kids and I went to Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree and Walmart after school yesterday.  We found 2 really nice dinosaurs at Hobby Lobby.  I made Spencer pay for one of them separately so we could use the 40% off coupon for both of them.
We also found some "less nice" ones at Dollar Tree and Walmart.  They were all $1.  I also ordered a bag of 96 tiny dinos from Oriental Trading Co.
We're totally set on dinosaurs for the party!
We already had the yellow bronto, the blue T-Rex, the red stegosaurus and the green crocodile looking dino on the right.  The rest are new.

The baby T-Rex is from Hobby Lobby.  This is the one that Spencer "bought" using my money.
This frightening guy was also at Hobby Lobby.
As was this precious little oinker.
I mean, how could I say no?
He fits perfectly into our kitchen decor and he was 50% off too.
He may not be from the Jurassic period, but he was certainly needed for a successful party. 


Sherry said...

All this talk of dinosaur birthday parties made me a bit nostalgic as Evan had a dinosaur party for his 3rd birthday. Looking back at the post reminded that he still had a lot of "baby" left in him although he acted so grown for his age. Sigh. He has no little baby left! You can see that post here: I can't wait to see Elliott's awesome dinosaur party!

k and j said...

sounds fun to me!!!

Cat said...

One of these days I will get caught up on your blog. find out how the dinosaur party went. :-) Looks like you got some good decorations. :)