Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mega Saturday

We had a very, very busy Saturday. 
It actually started on Friday night with the fall festival at Spencer's school.  Spencer had a blast with his best buddy, Paul.

Paul and Spencer could probably be fraternal twins.

On Saturday morning we went to Woofstock, which is a dog festival.  We went once 2009!  I can't believe it has been that long. Ginger was with us, but I managed to not take any pictures of the dog at the dog party.
They had free face painting and Spencer immediately picked the tiger for his face.

It was amazing.
He was just delighted.
I think this is my all time favorite picture of him.
After the face painting we went to the playground and took half a billion pictures of Elliott (that you saw in the 23 month post), and a few of Spencer.

 BTW, I wrote a post back in 2009 about our first time at Woofstock (You can read about it HERE).
When I went back to look at that post I saw we had a picture of barely 2-year-old Spencer on the same slide.  I had to do a side-by-side (slide-by-slide?) comparison.
BTW #2.  Elliott is wearing the exact same light blue onesie with the dog under his striped vest.  I did not do that on purpose.  I didn't even realize it until I saw those pictures of Spencer.  Apparently I'm so OCD about these things that I don't have to be OCD on purpose anymore.  My subconscious is taking care of things now.
Right before we left we went to pick up the free 5 x 7 print of our picture with Santa.  This is a picture of the picture.  I know it was difficult for the photographer, given the subject matter, but these are my chief complaints: Ginger has no feet, Santa's hat is cut off and Spencer's eyes are closed.  I'm pretty sure it is the only picture EVER taken of Spencer in which his eyes are closed.  Oh well, Elliott and I look like we could be on the cover of Mommy and Me magazine. 
After a quick stop at home to leave Ginger we were off to John and Maryellen's house for a turkey decorating contest party.
Maryellen is hard at work on her Audrey Hepburn turkey.

All of the finished turkey masterpieces.
I really liked Shireen's. 
I voted for Sydney's as my favorite.  I like how she added political turkeys around her big boy turkey.
I voted for Maryellen's as my second favorite, mostly because I thought that the Audrey Hepburn turkey looked like Ray Charles in lacy underwear.
Jaime's bride turkey proved to be my biggest competition.  We tied for first.  I was absolutely floored.  I wasn't expecting a single vote.
The winners
I got my absolute favorite thing as a prize: a seasonal straw cup! 
And a glittery Christmas ornament!
Back at home we hung our turkeys up so that we can admire them for one more week.  I should mention that Michael and Elliott did not decorate turkeys.  They ate at the party and came back home so that Elliott could nap.  Which he didn't do. 
My winning turkey.  He's pretty blingy.

And then, it was time for our big date night!
Michael and I were celebrating the 17th anniversary of when we met each other when I was 17 years old. 
We met each other on Saturday, November 16, 1996.  In 72 more days (yes, we figured out that I was 17 years and 72 days old) I will have known Michael for half of my life.  It will happen on January 27th.  We plan on going out again.  It's a Monday, so our babies will probably come with us.
Spencer took our picture.
Somewhat successfully, 
and successfully.
Here's a side by side of our 17th anniversary of meeting and what we think is the first picture ever taken of us together (but was not taken that day).
We took the kids over to Dorothy's house and she watched them while we went to dinner and to a movie. 
She took pictures before we left.
 I think the 17 and 19 year olds pictured above have done alright for themselves.


Sherry said...

What a sweet, adorable little family, and I love your OCD at keeping up with all of these little dates and "anniversaries!" I am not good at remembering dates (birthdays, etc.) so that's one of our few differences. Wow, that face painter was awesome! Spencer looks like he could be in a Broadway show with that professional looking make up! And wow again to your amazing artistic the bling turkey although your comment about Maryellen's turkey was hilarious. I also think Spencer inherited his mama's artistic abilities as he did a great job coloring his turkey! :-)

Jeannette said...

Things that impress me in this post:
1) That lady's face painting ability. Wow.
2) Your Turkey blinging ability. I think that bird deserves to be part of your permanent Thanksgiving decor.
3) The fact that your OCD has gone subconscious. That should free up some time and conscious brainpower for you.
4) The fact that your kid can take a picture without a finger ending up in the way. I look forward to that day.
Happy 17th (and almost half life) anniversary of knowing each other! :)

Cat said...

You and your OCD lol. I love that you guys have a turkey decorating contest. That is such a cute idea! And a big AWW for you and Michael. Hope you had a fun night!