Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Blueberries and more

I gave Elliott frozen blueberries (that had been thawed) for lunch today.
He found them quite enjoyable.
He started lunch using a spoon but quickly realized that the finger shoveling method was faster.
I think his fingernails will return to their normal color in about 6 months.
Spencer is 6 years-2 months old today.  That's 74 months for those of you who were curious.  I wanted to take his monthly picture in his pumpkin sweater since this is the last month where it will be seasonably appropriate.....well, until next year, because I am sure it will still fit.  It's a 5T from Gymboree so he'll probably outgrow it when he's 11.

Elliott didn't need to be photographed, so of course he wanted to participate.

Can I interrupt myself for just a minute?  Every time we take pictures in the front yard, which seems to be pretty often lately, I have to crop out or edit out our address on the big door wreath.  I've googled our address with our city and our house is right there in the results, so I'm trying to be safe.
The front yard photography also keeps reminding me that I still want to paint the front door red.
This is the exact color I want.  Benjamin Moore- Pomegranate.
I used google maps to look at our house last week because we couldn't remember the name of the street to the north of us.  The image of our house was taken in April, 2011.  Sometime between then and when we first saw it in September, 2012 they painted the front door.  It used to be the same nice wood color as the inside of the door.  I wish they had just refinished it instead of slapping a coat of ugly beige on it.
The old door. 
OK.  Interruption over.  Back to the kid.

This is the winner!

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Megan said...

74 months...doesn't seem possible!