Monday, November 4, 2013

A very late Halloween report

Geez.  Sorry for being such a slacker.  I took a little unintended blog vacation for the last week.  Sometimes I'm just too tired to wait for the photos to upload or to write coherent sentences so I put it off until tomorrow.  But then tomorrow turns into a week. 
Halloween 2013.  Let's recap.
I bought some super sugary cereal 2 weeks ago.  I figured we should start the day out right. 
Side note: I have never in my life eaten either of these cereals.  It was a first for all of us.  Except Michael.  Apparently this was a normal part of his childhood.
Side note #2: I took a 4-day break from my clean eating.  I consumed 6.8 pounds of sugar and approximately 50,000 calories in that time.  I started my 4th Whole 30 today.  My 1st Whole 30 was 30 days, my 2nd was 52 days and my 3rd was 51 days.  This one is only going to be 24 days.  Easy.
Elliott picked out and ate all the marshmallows first and then all the Frankenberries.  He has never had something so sugary in his life.  He was in love.
Spencer wanted to combine the flavors.

We took pictures before Spencer went to school.
I will never let Elliott forget that he was so difficult at age 1 that I didn't get any of the individual pictures of him that I would have liked to get during holidays (like Halloween) and yearly outings (like at the pumpkin patch).  I will remind him about it at his high school graduation and wedding and probably the birth of his children.
Both Michael and I worked on Thursday so there was a bit of scrambling to get home, buy candy, eat dinner and get ready, but finally we were  ready for some trick-or-treating. 

We did 3 streets in our neighborhood and then we were tired and done.  It was really fun, but 3 streets was enough.  This is definitely a good neighborhood for trick-or-treating.
Elliott didn't know what the candy was since we've never given him candy.  He really liked collecting it and wanted to hold it though.  He knew it was special.

He threw a huge fit when we made him put the candy down and go to bed.
This was from just Spencer's bag.  Think we got enough?

He liked the crinkly wrappers.

It was a really fun night. 

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Sherry said...

Yep, when I ever get my post up, it will pretty much be a mirror image of this one...two little boys dressed up after two exhausted parents who worked all day scrambled to get them fed dinner and then dressed up to go out late and bring home big buckets of candy. Unfortunately, Brody does know what candy is, and he was really good at scooping it up and filling up his bucket. I saw someone I am friends with post a pic calling herself the Switch Witch where her son leaves out his bucket of candy on Halloween night and the Switch Witch exchanged it for money. Do you think we need to look into getting this witch to pay us a visit? Haha!