Saturday, November 16, 2013

23 Months

23 months
November 16, 2013
The official 23 month picture
We went to the Woofstock dog festival in the park this morning.  There will be a whole post about that soon.  We thought it would be the perfect location for a 23 month photo shoot.  Elliott definitely brought his sass and made getting the perfect shot a challenge.  Stinker. 
I am having trouble believing that he's going to be two in one short month.  I was just barely pregnant and being rushed through the hospital to stop labor.  It feels like that was 6 months ago, tops.  But, we mailed his birthday invitations today, so it must be happening.  We're having a dinosaur party.  Roar!
Let's see.  Elliott is about 32 pounds.  He seems to have tapered off in weight gain, which is good, because very soon I will not be able to lift him at all.  He will see the hepatologist before the pediatrician so that's where we will get an official weight. 
He's having a blood draw on December 2nd and his next hepatology appointment is December 11th.  The 12/11 apppointment has caused a pit to form in my stomach and it will not go away. 
Michael and I have decided that Elliott is left handed.  For a while he switched back and forth but he has definitely settled on his left hand for eating and coloring.  Is handedness genetic?  I'm not sure where this came from.
As far as language development he is full speed ahead.  If I were to guess I'd say he has 200+ words in his vocabulary.  Yesterday I heard him use his first present progressive "ing".  I asked if he was done eating and instead of saying "eat" like he normally would, he responded with "eating".  Then today at the park he said "driving", which was awesome because I've never even heard him say drive.
Night time sleeping is awesome.  He is still a noisy dreamer sometimes, but it has been ages and ages and ages since he didn't sleep a solid 11 hours straight.  Nap times continue to be a toss up.  Yesterday he slept soundly for 2 hours.  Today, nothing at all.
He is still in our bed, which is still just fine. We're planning on moving him to his room at the beginning of the summer.  If it's a disaster we'll re-evaluate at that time.  Since sleep was so (damn!) hard with Spencer we've always had a "whatever" attitude with Elliott and he's always been a better sleeper than big brother.  This probably means that potty-training (which took Spencer 45 seconds to accomplish) will be a disaster.
Elliott got a haircut yesterday and it was the first time that he didn't throw a huge, screaming fit the entire time.  He cried when she put the cover on him but then he settled right down and did fine for the whole cut.  It took graham crackers, cartoons and me blowing bubbles the entire time to accomplish this, but, hey, I'll take it.
Food.  So.  My parents fed him peanut butter granola last weekend.  He didn't react to it but I'm too afraid to give him a second dose.  We might drive him to the ER and feed him a pb&j in the parking lot.  I think we're going to give him chocolate cake for his birthday.  Spencer's first chocolate was the cake for his second birthday, which was actually 1 week before his birthday.
Hmmm.  I seem to have run out of things to say.
There is going to be ONE MORE monthly update.  I'd better bring my A game next month!
There are about 75 more pictures, so enjoy scrolling to the end.

This was almost the official picture.  I really, really considered it but ultimately decided it was too dark, even after editing it.

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Jeannette said...

Ahhh, those faces! I can't believe how big and handsome he is!

Yay for another lefty in this world! Call me when he's ready to learn to tie his shoes.