Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wednesday to Tuesday

Hooray! I have another "week in review" post for you!  Are you totally psyched?  Are you rolling your eyes at how un-innovative I am?
Let's get going.
In the last month or so Spencer has become obsessed with Star Wars, and more specifically, Darth Vader.  Last week he used some of his birthday money to buy two Darth Vader themed shirts.
He wore shirt #1 on Wednesday.  If you can't tell, that is Darth Vader and two storm troopers going trick-or-treating.
After we dropped Spencer off at school Elliott and I went to the plastic surgeon and I had my stitches removed.  Then we stopped at Trader Joe's to buy some coconut milk.  That's honestly all I was going to get........but then.......I saw all the pumpkin.
 The pumpkin body butter feels really nice but was a bit disappointing because it doesn't smell like pumpkin pie.  I have big plans for the tea tin next year.  I'm going to put a cute little fall themed plant in there.
Elliott gave an A+ to the pumpkin cereal bars.
That afternoon we had a jam session.
Our friend John gave us an old guitar for Spencer.  I'd like to sign him up for music lessons soon.  Any advice.....guitar vs violin?

Baby brother was not impressed.
Spencer wore Darth Vader shirt #2 on Thursday.  This time Darth, the storm troopers and Boba Fett are playing on the swings at the park.
After school that day we played in the backyard for a good 2 hours.  Spencer asked if they could have a snack and I agreed to 1 large pretzel each.  Spencer went inside to get them and when he handed 1 to Elliott he said, "bon appetite.  I hope you enjoy this scrumptious snack."

 The kids got totally soaked playing with the water tables so when we came in I changed Elliott into just a dry diaper.  And then, about 20 minutes later, for the first time ever he took his own diaper off.
I went to dinner and the movies with my brother that night.  Michael texted me these pictures of the kids enjoying a little pre-bed television.

On Friday I put our 2nd set of fall themed flannel sheets on the bed.
They are breathtaking.
Michael's parents came up from Tucson to spend the weekend with us.  My father in law dug out the huge, angry-looking ocotillo from our front yard.  I am so glad to have that thing gone.

He also built an awesome planter and we planted a Mexican blue palm.  It's tiny now but in about 3 years it will be gorgeous. 
It was also time to say goodbye to the yucca. 
I just don't have an after picture.  Sorry.
As if all of the yard work wasn't enough, Michael and his dad also re-did all of the corroded plumbing and replaced the bathroom faucets. 
These are the old, ugly ones.
There was also a bike ride/walk around the neighborhood.

I had a bunch of stuff to do on Monday.  Just normal, household stuff that I could get done quickly if I could get a certain almost 2-year-old to cooperate.  I stuck Elliott in a diaper box and gave him some crayons.  Then I just pushed him from room to room with me. 
It worked shockingly well.
He was content for a good 20 minutes.

Ginger was a scaredy cat on Monday night.  She was not a fan of a sound in a show we were watching.
Silly girl.
And, finally, Spencer has been bringing outside influences into our home.  His school friend has been talking about video games so he has been begging us to let him play Super Mario Party.  Michael gave him some Wii lessons tonight.  Sigh. Boys and video games.
I'll work on something jazzier and more fun for my next post.  Promise.


Valerie said...

Those sheets came from Target, didn't they?!?! I had those same ones in my buggie but changed my mind at the last minute since Josh is a sleep sweater.

Maryellen said...

You had a busy weekend!! I'm always so amazed at ya'lls industriousness. Guitar or violin lessons? Hmmm...I'll consult John but I'm thinking violin lessons. Spencer's little fingers might not be ready to bend in the awkward way that guitar playing requires.