Wednesday, October 23, 2013


We have not gone to very many weddings during the past 5ish years.  Most of our friends are already married and we haven't made it to any family (my cousins, mostly) weddings because they have all been out of state.
Tha last wedding we went to was in February, 2012. 
It was Bobby and Kathy's.
Elliott was a teeny, tiny, not even 2 months old yet baby (who was also really sick) and I spent most of the night nursing him or wearing him in the moby wrap so I could shield him away from everyone.  It was a fun, Hawaiian themed wedding complete with luau food and polynesian dancers, but I don't think back to this wedding very fondly because I was beside myself with worry about Elliott.
The last wedding we went to before Bobby and Kathy's was my friend Helen's in November, 2010.  That was a very fun night.
Now, all of a sudden, we are looking at 4 weddings of good friends in 2014.
First up will be Chelsea.  She is thinking about a Mexican beach wedding, probably in March. 
Then I will be flying to New Hampshire to see the nuptials of Cathy in August.
After that I am going to be a bridesmaid for Monica at her October wedding.  Spencer is going to be the ring bearer too.
(I need to take more pictures with my friends!  I couldn't find a single picture of me and Monica together)
And 2014 will come to a close with Kristi's wedding on 12/13/14.
(The only picture I could find of her is doing a can-can dance with 15 month old Spencer.  Um, hello, picture fail much?)
I love weddings.  It's like a free date night for me and Michael....minus the cost of new clothes and a gift, so it's actually a really expensive date night.  But the food and drinks are free!


Maryellen said...

You're so lucky you get to be go to so many weddings!! I too love them, especially when it's people I'm close to. Will you be purchasing an LBD for the occasions?

Sherry said...

Oh, you are such a good friend to go to all of your friends' weddings no matter how far away they are! You are going to be doing a lot of traveling in 2014. Any going to bring you close to the east coast? NH may still be a little far. I haven't been to a wedding in quite a while...I guess he need younger and single friends again. Haha!

Jeannette said...

We're up to 3 weddings next year too (after none in 2012 or 2013)! I'm so excited! These things really do seem to happen in fits and spells.

Cat said...

I feel so flattered when I make it into the blog. :)