Sunday, October 27, 2013

Vertuccio Farms and Pumpkin Patch

Spencer went on a field trip to a farm last Wednesday.  They let every single kindergartener pick a pumpkin and take it home.  I didn't know it at the time, but he  went to the exact same farm that we had already bought tickets to go to this weekend.  I'm really an awesome mother to keep track of important things like where my six year old is for five hours of the day.
Anyway, we had bought tickets to go to Vertuccio farms.  We were debating going on Saturday (9:00 opening) or Sunday (10:00 opening).  I hate going to farms and pumpkin patches and then burning up in the heat so we decided to go on Saturday so we could get there an hour earlier.  That gave us an hour of "nice" weather and an hour of "getting warmer" weather.
The pumpkin patch was right at the beginning.  I wanted to take pictures when we were all fresh and happy, not dusty and tired.

When I downloaded the pictures I made sure to point out to Michael how much better my photography skills are.  My pictures are pumpkin heaven.  His pictures leave a little something to be desired in the pumpkin department.  He just rolled his eyes and made a throaty mocking noise at me.
We also weren't pleased with the family photo taken by an absolute stranger who had no obligation to make us happy.
I mean, where are the pumpkins?
I do like Elliott's skeptical face though.
"Really, sir?  You call yourself a photographer?"
Elliott was in NO mood for an individual pumpkin picture, so this is all we got.  I think I will try to take his picture in this shirt with the 2 pumpkins we have outside so I can do comparison pictures from 2012 to 2013. 
Then it was time for farm activities.
First up, rubber duck races with water pumps.

On to the giant painted ear of corn. 

Strong man of the circus.
Does anybody know what this thing is really called?

Mini hay maze


Giant tube slide
This was Elliott's favorite part of the entire farm and the entire day.  He and Michael went down it about 50 times.

Extreme Air Pillow
This was Spencer's favorite part. 

I did go up there and jumped around a lot, I just didn't take the camera with me.  I didn't think that would end well.
Pedal race cars 

Barrel train ride (that I didn't go on because in the time it took me to take one picture I lost my seat to a hoard of people).

Inflatable bouncy horses 

Geese with some sort of fluffy feather disease

Mama pig
That is not fat in her belly, those are babies in there.  A lot of them.  We made eye contact and her sad eyes were pleading with me to get those babies out of there.  She could hardly walk.
Elliott sat down in this grass and then freaked out because the grass was really high (well, higher than our backyard grass) and he didn't want to touch it. 

Once we were done with the animals it was back to the slide.

Then, back to the pumpkin patch for a few more photos.

We went the stranger route one more time and thank goodness this lady knew something about pumpkin patch picture taking.  I will now narrate Elliott's thoughts.
"I will look at the camera, but I won't smile.  Nope.  No smiling.  I'm not even sorry." 
"Two pictures?  Twoooooooooo pictures?  You are really pushing my limits.  I revoke my previous statement. I am no longer able to look at the camera."
"Three pictures?  Are you kidding me.  I will now commence a toddler sneer.  Live with it."
We were all hot, sweaty, thirsty and hungry by this point.  We drove home, ate lunch and then put Elliott down for a nap......where he proceeded to NOT sleep for two hours.
Part II of our day is coming up soon!


Sherry said...

I love how you love all the traditional fall things even if it is still hot outside! You have cold weather climate in your blood, I think. And I could even imagine you were in cooler regions seeing Spencer in his little pumpkin sweater. I also love how fall traditions of pumpkin patches and farm activities have spread across the country so that they are available all over. Also, I need to get on your husband for a second so excuse this little rant, Natalie. Michael, look at your beautiful wife. Don't you think the rest of us want to see more pictures of her? You need to work that camera more and share your wife with us, you stingy man! Okay, I think that's enough for now. I don't want to be too hard on him. I have to get onto Eddie about not taking enough pictures although he is actually a more skilled photographer than I am. We sadly didn't get anyone to take our family pictures at any of the places we've visited (apple orchard, pumpkin patch/corn maze/farm, or the pumpkin patch stand). It was a major fail so we had to use the tripod and self-timer. I always love seeing the expressions from Brody and Elliott and our commentary for them. I think our boys definitely have the best little personalities. You comments about your first family picture taken by the stranger who obviously had no photography experience whatsoever was hilarious, and the second set of family photos were pretty awesome. My most favorite thing about this post though is probably all the fun that Michael seemed to be having with the kids. I just always love seeing dads playing with their kids (especially sons). Couldn't you just sit back and watch that action all day? :-)

Sherry said...

Also, tell Michael he's looking pretty hot with facial hair! Haha! That ought to make up for my chastising him earlier! ;-)

Shireen Wahid said...

This looks like such a fun farm! I think your photos and stories have convinced me to make the trip out there tomorrow!

Cat said...

Whoa that is quite the pumpkin patch. I don't know of any near me with that much stuff to do. Also, I "love" how you have to worry about the heat. When I got my pumpkin this year at a pumpkin patch, it was cold and rainy. :-(