Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I am not hard to figure out.
I like dishes, especially seasonal ones.  I like bed linens, especially seasonal ones.  And I like home decorations, especially seasonal ones. 
This is a hard time of year because the dishes, bed linens AND decorations are all so fabulous right now.  Spring and summer are much easier for me to resist.
We have a big linen closet in the hallway but it is not big enough for all of our linens.  That's not actually because we have so many for each bed, but because we have so many beds: a king, a queen, a full and two twins.  We also keep all of the blankets, towels and washclothes in there.  It was really bothering me to be keeping linens under several beds (I know, I know, I have issues) so I took my birthday money and bought a new linen storage unit to keep in our bedroom.  Now all of the sheets and blankets for the king are folded neatly and stored in our room.  All of the queen sheets are in a chest in the guest room and all of the sheets and blankets for the full and twins are in the hallway closet.

It makes me breathe easy to be organized. 
It was time to change the sheets on our bed today.  There is supposed to be a storm coming in over night so I decided to go with the fall flannel sheets.  We'll be burning up and sweaty by the weekend, but they look so pretty.
I wish I had different fall and Christmas sheets for each week of those seasons.
In other news, Elliott cried for all of 1 minute at nap time.  I think the Elmo is really helping.  He only cried for 30 seconds at bedtime!
This afternoon, after Elliott had been sleeping for 2.5 hours, I went in the room, turned on a dim light and layed down with him.  He rolled over, saw me and the light and flipped out.  He just cried and cried and cried and cried.  Nothing I did would calm him down so I picked him up, sat down in the recliner and rocked him.  And he fell back asleep....deeply and with snoring.  He slept like that for another 20 minutes.  Apparently he is still feeling the after effects of our busy weekend in Tucson.  When he finally woke up (because he heard Ginger walking into the room from the hallway) we walked out to the living room and he promptly threw a tantrum because I wouldn't open the front door and let him out into a dust storm. 

1-almost-2-year-olds are ridiculous. 
And I lied about Spencer being absent this week.  Thanks to facebook we can keep really close tabs on him!
Elisa gave him this building kit for his birthday.  He is having a blast with it.

They went fishing this morning.

Spencer caught 2 huge catfish.  Or is it catfishes?

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Tracy said...

I love your fall flannel sheets. They look very cute and comfy! Way to go Spencer on the big fish! The building set looks really cool! What is it called?