Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall break recap

Spencer goes back to school tomorrow.  He has been on fall break for 2.5 weeks.  I hope we remember how to get up at 7:00 and get through the morning routine.  I'm out of practice.
I was out on fall break last week and this week.  I go back to work on Tuesday.
Even though we both had all this time off, our fall breaks were pretty unspectacular.  We don't have a lot of extra money for traveling and Elliott is still not to the point where we feel confident about traveling with him.  I knew when we had kids more than 4 years apart that the age difference would be great for some things and difficult for others.  And one of those difficult things is going and "doing things".  Spencer doesn't nap and can pretty much go anywhere and do anything.  He's not the problem. Elliott will nap in the car, but it takes 30-40 minutes of driving for him to fall asleep.  Without a nap or with too short of a nap he is a beast.  There are also fewer places we can take him that will be fun and appropriate.  I think in a year, when Elliott is almost 3, and there is no trace of baby left in him, we'll have more options.  At least I hope so.   
We went to Oktoberfest on Mt. Lemmon with some friends on October 5th.  I took a pathetic number of pictures.  Mostly because I spent the entire time (shared with Michael) keeping Elliott from running into the parking lot and from throwing his body off the side of the mountain.  We also took him up the ski lift where he tried to commit suicide on the way up and the way down.  We went to bed that night at like 9:00.  We were so exhausted.  It was a reminder as to why we don't "do things" with Elliott.
Spencer stayed in Tucson and had a blast with his grandparents.  Michael's parents bought him new pajamas, went fishing, went hiking and went to see Disney on Ice.  My parents took him to church, let him watch Star Wars and Return of the Jedi, went to the zoo and took him to the Gaslight Theatre to see a pirate show.
Elliott and I filled the hours at home and with doctor's apppointments.  This is the time of year I try to get a bunch of my annual visits done.
I fed him lunch one day and when I turned my back for 1.7 seconds he gave himself a yogurt hair mask.

We also had a 1 day cold snap.  It rained for 4 minutes too.  I put Elliott in a pair of Spencer's old jammies for his nap.  After his nap he wanted to go outside and selected this hat on his own to go out there.  It's like he knew it was chilly.

I've been trying really hard to get dinner started, and hopefully finished, before Michael gets home from work.  I have a whole bag of tricks to keep Elliott occupied.  On this particular day I gave him some metal bowls and a wooden spoon.  It worked for 4 seconds. 
Then he took a bowl and fork off of the table and happily pretended to eat for a solid half hour. 

I saw my plastic surgeon on Friday.  He took 5 moles off.  I have 3 stitches in one spot, 2 stitches in another spot and 3 other spots have 1 stitch each.
My parents watched Elliott while I was gone.  When I got home and they left he napped for 3 hours.  I wasn't allowed to exercise that day so I actually got to relax and enjoy nap time.  It was awesome.
This is my stitches face.  They come out in the morning.  I'm so glad.....they are getting very itchy.
Spencer came home on Monday.  We went to Target and bought Halloween lights for the house.  Our neighborhood is really into decorating for Halloween and four of our immediate neighbors are all lit up.  Now we are too. 
I had ANOTHER doctor's apppointment this morning.  The kids watched cartoons while I got ready.  Michael was off today so they all stayed home while I was gone.

Then we met at the park for a bit.
Then we went to the hospital to pick up some of the records that we were missing for Elliott.  We now have so many medical records and lab reports that I need to split them into two binders.  That's just sad.
While we were waiting for the records department to print everything we played in the little outdoor play area.  The kids had a surprisingly fun time.

And that is it.  That's fall break.  Like I said, there was nothing fantastic.  I have higher hopes for spring break.


Maryellen said...

That sounds like a great fall break to me!! I wish you had video from your Mt. Lemon excursion. That would have been entertaining to watch!!

Cat said...

When I retire, I am going to come visit you in the fall sometime so I can see all the famous Halloween decorating you do. Then the following year I will go visit in December so I can see your holiday decorations. I've given you about 30 years' advance notice so you should be able to work with me. :)