Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Carve it up

Spencer wore his monster shirt to school today.  He has three Halloween themed shirts and will be wearing all of them this week.
We had planned on carving pumpkins this afternoon so I wanted to take Elliott's faux individual pumpkin patch picture while the pumpkins were still whole.
Spencer wanted his picture taken too.
Then it was time for grouchy.
And it actually went pretty well.

I don't think we're fooling anyone that we're at a pumpkin patch, but at least I have something for the years of comparisons I will be doing.
Does this fool you?
With that done, it was time for carving! 

Elliott was NOT a fan.
Oh, and BTW, I did not tell Spencer to take his clothes off.  That kid will take advantage of any situation where he can be in his underoos.
Elliott lasted for 86 seconds and then he spent the rest of his time watching a slide show of pictures on the computer.
There was a little bit of Ginger petting too.
My job is to cut the pumpkin lids and clean them out.  Michael does the actual carving.  It's a system.  It works.  We don't mess with it. 
Our 2013 Jack-O-Lanterns



Megan said...

Love them...

k and j said...

I am so behind on your blog :( I need to catch uuuuuup! you amaze me with your blogging skillz. I have NO time ahhh!

Cat said...

I am impressed with the carving skills. I am so not good. I do eyes, a nose, and a crooked (not on purpose) mouth. And your friend who posted above me is not that far behind. I'm 2 months behind!