Thursday, October 3, 2013

A promise, broken

I found myself just randomly in Maricopa today.
Here's the story.
I work on an Indian Reservation south of Phoenix.  It is about 20 minutes from Maricopa, where we used to live.  I was supposed to have a meeting at 4:00 today.  Spencer was also scheduled to go home with Dorothy, our sitter, for a sleepover since he doesn't have school tomorrow.  My 4:00 meeting meant I would get home really late and delay the beginning of their fun sleepover.  So.  I decided to go to Maricopa during my lunch break so I could go to the bank and stop at the grocery store....both things I needed to do after work.
I stopped at the bank and then went to Fry's.  It was weird.  I used to do ALL of our grocery shopping there.  For three years I bought everything we ate there.  But when I walked in today I hadn't been there for four years and two months. 
All I needed to get was some bacon, but I had some extra time so I did some strolling, because the Fry's in Maricopa is the most awesome grocery store on the planet.  You can actually buy everything from cereal to a leather couch to a beautiful oil painting there.
I made a promise to myself last week that I would not buy a single new jar candle until I was done burning all of the ones I already have.  I managed to stay strong at Bath and Body Works AND Yankee Candle yesterday. 
Side note: Yankee Candle has a whole line of Thanksgiving candles out right now.  The scents include Turkey & Stuffing, Sweet Potato Pie and Cranberry Sauce.  And they smell exactly like what they say they do.  Exactly.  I could actually smell sage in the turkey one.  It was weird. 

Side note over.
Back to Fry's.  I'm strolling around and I walk by a little end cap of candles in mason jars with gingham bows.  CUUUUUUUTE!
I smelled them, walked away, walked back, walked away, walked back, plucked the Hazelnut Coffee one off the shelf and never looked back.
$1.49.  That's barely breaking the promise, right?
My 4:00 meeting got cancelled at 2:00 and my 2:00 meeting never showed, so I found myself with plenty of extra time after work.
My car, just on its own, drove to Kirklands.  It was strange.
I wanted to get this Halloween framed picture.  I have wanted it since July and I felt it was time.  I really intended to just buy this, but,
Coffee and cream candle that smells exactly like coffee and cream, my favorite smell in the world?  Um, yes please. 
I plan on brewing a pot of coffee ice cream flavored coffee and burning both coffee candles at the same time so our heads can blow up in a coffee scented nirvana.
So, I broke a promise to myself, but the house smells delightful and you get a sneak peek #2.


Michael said...

I'm sorry to see you don't have any comments yet. I'm sure you'll get one eventually.

Jeannette said...

Hahaha, what a good husband.

This post makes me sad that the sweet little boy in my belly has squashed my desires for anything coffee related. I would love for my head to blow up in a coffee scented nirvana.

Also, I'm sad that that Hallmark didn't have the turkey candle yesterday. I'm seriously jonesing for some Thanksgiving food right about now.

Megan said...

I love that the cranberry yankee candle has the jar-shaped cranberry sauce. Did we ever go to the yankee candle factory when you were here? My crow from the Christmas Tree Shop has made his annual debut!