Sunday, September 15, 2013


I didn't feel tired while planning Spencer's party or while prepping for it or while actually having it.  I also wasn't tired that night or the next day.  But jeez did it ever hit by Monday morning.  It took all week for us to recover from everything and get back to normal around here.
We had friends spend the night on Saturday after the party, so we spent Sunday morning with them.  It was rainy and cool, so it was a great morning.  Perfect weather for one of these:
I had a venti.  I never order a venti.
We spent the rest of the day going through all of Spencer's presents and taking everything out of the packaging so he could play with his stuff.
He was a big fan of Iron Man's fist.  It shoots little foam discs. 
We also put all of the birthday cards on display.
It's really festive. 
That night we put the kids to bed and got take-out from Oreganos.  We ate dinner on the couch.  I had calamari.  It was a great way to end my "cheat" weekend.  I won't tell you how much weight I gained in 4 days, because it is ridiculous and not humanly possible, but the good news is that it only took me 5 days to lose all of it.   
Monday was another rainy day.  It actually poured a few times off and on during the morning.  Elliott and I went outside while it was drizzling.  He wanted to go in the swing, but it was really wet so I lined it with a towel.
He was not a fan.
Reeeeeeaaaaaallllllly not a fan.
At this point I said, enough, and made him go inside. 
Elliott actually spent all day having one fit after another after another.  We're talking throw himself on the ground and screech, fits.  Oh my is he trying my patience in this prelude to two years old.
After Spencer got home from school I was on my last ounce of patience.  So we put on jammies and broke out the new bubble machine.  It took me 20 minutes to unscrew the 4 screws holding down the battery door, but I persevered and got 6 batteries loaded in that baby.
It made awesome bubbles.

Right up to the point where it vibrated itself right off the counter, spilled ALL the bubbles all over the floor and popped the battery door off (because, hell no, I didn't tighten the screws after it took so long to get them out) and scattered batteries everywhere. 
By the time Michael got home from work I was DONE.  Elliott was done too.  He needed daddy.

Spencer was in no sort of emotional turmoil, but he's never one to turn down a daddy snuggle.

Nothing notable happened on Tuesday.
On Wednesday we decided to go in the pool after dinner.  Spencer wanted to test his new shark swim set.

I was also eaten alive that night.  Not by a shark, but by some sort of bug that got me 14 times before I got in the water.  These were 4 of those 14 bites on my back.
Thursday was also not noteworthy.
On Friday Spencer went on his first field trip.  They went to the aquarium, so he wore his shark outfit.  It was a very sharky week actually.

During lunch that day Elliott discovered that his grape fit perfectly on top of his straw.
He was kind of delighted by this discovery.

After we got Spencer from school we went in for a blood draw because we see the hepatologist on Wedensday.  They took 4 vials and it still might not be enough.
I thought an orange popsicle was in order.

We spent most of the day at home on Saturday.  We went out for dinner with friends that night while the kids stayed with a sitter, but I have no pictures of that.
Michael and Elliott play this bib "game" whenever Michael takes off his bib.  They both think it's just hilarious.

I think Elliott learned about 12 new words this weekend.  I can't even keep up with him anymore.  Amongst those words are "orange", "yo-yo" and "toys".
Today was lovely because we didn't leave the house the entire day.  We got some small home projects done, napped and played.
The Hulk set is still a big hit.

Spencer got a lot of Angry Birds Star Wars stuff for his birthday.  He's obsessed.  He got this drawing book full of blank pages and a set of markers.
He did this today.
From left to right: a tree, Darth Vader, Me, Michael.
Darth Vader and I are holding hands. 
Spencer put his pants on his head tonight and then walked around opening and closing his mouth.  It was hilarious.  And creepy.
Yay.  I'm caught up to present day......and finally recovered from the great birthday weekend of 2013.  Now I'm gearing up for fall/halloween/thanksgiving/christmas decorating and Elliott's birthday party.
I'm pretty excited about all of that stuff because I get to do it without moving to a new house in the middle of all of it.

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Sherry said...

Okay, seriously, my comment is going to be a whole book so sorry! You just posted so much, and I can’t not comment on each and every thing. Haha! I will use my beloved OCD numbering system to make it easier:

1. Spencer and Evan would have a blast playing superheroes. Iron Man is Evan’s favorite character (hence the Iron Man car he chose to build at the beach this year). He had a similar toy/device that shot discs out. He needs to give Spencer his Spiderman glove that shoots water out of it instead of webs. Well, it actually came with a can of silly string that he thankfully used all up the first night so now it is just a water gun.

2. I love eating dinner on the couch…but not calamari! This may be our first difference. :-)

3. I think you got our rain and biting insects (mosquitoes?) because it hasn't rained here in 2 weeks, and I was just commenting that the bugs didn't seem to be as bad. Sorry about that! :-)

4. Oh, Elliott, you and Brody need anger management! Haha! Seriously, these little angels can turn into demons in 10 seconds flat. Haha! Split personalities, maybe? I know, it’s tough being two and not getting everything you want, especially when you don’t even know what it is you want!

5. It is amazing what a little bubble action can do. Just look at that happy face! I have a similar picture of Evan (one of my favs) when he was about that age enjoying his bubble machine with bubbles surrounding him. I don’t know why I don’t get out the bubble machine more.

6. Why do daddies get all the love? ;-)

7. Love that I get the sneak peeks now so I already saw Spencer the shark and adorable Elliott with his orange Popsicle!

8. Yay for first field trips! Hope he had an awesome time!

9. So I think Eddie is in the wrong profession and maybe should be a speech therapist. He has been getting Brody to say and repeat lots of words by singing them instead of just saying them. I think it’s a good technique for a stubborn two year old. What do you think? :-)

10. Love the Hulk fight!

11. Oh my, that drawing is hilarious, but I do think you and Darth make a nice looking couple because you know, Michael is just too darn tall! Haha!

12. Um, was Spencer watching X-Men because that was on this weekend, and there is a girl that turns blue (played by Jennifer Lawrence). Maybe he wanted to be a blue mutant too?

13. Yay for catching up…I’m not yet caught up to the present, but I will hopefully get on that soon! Sigh. It has been feeling like fall around here so I’m getting excited.