Friday, September 6, 2013

A GOLDEN Birthday

Spencer and I have been planning his golden birthday since before his 5th birthday last year.  It has actually been really easy.  There are tons of gold party supplies out there.  The one thing we have had trouble finding though is a gold shirt.
So I decided to make one!
We started out the day with pictures. 
(Side note: I did not do the balloon avalanche because Spencer was sick yesterday (just a random 1 day fever) and we were afraid he would need to get up during the night to come to our room.  I'm not sure he would have appreciated a bunch of surprise balloons falling on his face at 2 am if he wasn't feeling well.  Maybe next year.)
He slept through the night and woke up feeling great.  I was so worried he would feel crappy on his golden birthday. 
We made a golden backdrop for pictures with all of our party guests on Saturday.  We used it for birthday pictures too.

The official 6 year picture. 
We also broke out the blocks again.
This was a total fail.  The blocks fell a few seconds after this picture.
Much better.

The official block picture. 
I put the blocks back in his room and misspelled his name.  Spencer thought it was soooooooo funny.

A few weeks ago I told Spencer I would make him anything he wanted for his birthday.  He thought and thought and thought about it.  He finally said that the thing he wanted the most was sugary, junky cereal.  I took him to the cereal aisle last weekend and told him to pick anything he wanted.  This is what he wanted.
I put a candle in it and we sung.

He said it was delicious but he didn't eat all of it.  Probably because it was too sugary and junky.  He said it was really sweet.
Elliott was stuck with a bagel.  That he didn't eat.
Then Spencer went to school and Elliott and I went to 3 different grocery stores for party food.  The total at Fry's was $96.06.  If I had spent 1 more cent it would have been $96.07, otherwise known as 9/6/07, aka, Spencer's date of birth.  Pretty cool.
After all the shopping we worked on getting the house ready for the party.  There was also some lounging in a diaper.
I also got Spencer's presents ready.
He came home from school and was so proud to show off his crown, sticker and sucker.  He also got a certificate that we hung on the refrigerator.

It was around this time that I realized the plastic happy birthday sign in the front yard had melted in the sun.  Nice.
Michael came home from work and it was time for presents.
One of Spencer's school friends can't come tomorrow so they brought this gift to school.  I thought that was so nice of them.
I bought this card about a month ago.  It's amazing I didn't forget where it was hiding and that I remembered to give it to him.
Angry Birds Star Wars bath towel.
Hulk hands
Hulk mask
He loved these.

Ginger was concerned that perhaps the Avengers would be showing up soon so she kept a careful watch out the window.
Fireman Helmet.  It has a on/off switch for a siren noise.  I must have been out of my mind when I bought this.
Spiderman action figure
Angry Birds Star Wars game
Angry Birds Star Wars underwear
Planet and astronaut shirt
Dinosaur shirt
Angry Birds and Spiderman sunglasses
Glow in the dark bubbles
Frosted Flakes cereal bowl (he was with me at Wal Mart last week when we bought the Rice Krispy and Fruit Loops bowls.  Then he was really disappointed that we didn't get this one too.  So I went back for it.  Mom of the Year, right here).
Stephen the Steamie engine.  When Spencer turned 4 90% of his gifts were Thomas the Train stuff.  Even last year the majority of presents were Thomas related.  He is definitely outgrowing Thomas though.  He's moved on to superheroes.

We had also told Spencer that we would go anywhere he wanted for his birthday dinner.  Anywhere.
He picked......wait for it.......
What this should tell you is that we never eat at McDonald's and that advertising is really powerful.

Elliott won't eat chicken nuggets or burgers so we got him a smoothie and brought some cereal.
Can you see Elliott's eye?

After dinner we went to the mall.
About 6 months ago Spencer asked if he could go to Build A Bear.  We decided that his golden birthday would be the perfect opportunity.  We've been talking about it at least once a week since then.
He picked the noise maker that plays a special birthday song.

Making a special birthday wish with the heart he picked to go in his bear.
Putting the heart in.
Giving his bear a bath.

Filling out the birth certificate.  He named his bear Russell.  7 letters.

Then we went to the food court for some ice cream.

Before bed he wanted to show off his new spiderman, his new spiderman sunglesses and Russell in his spiderman costume. The spiderman jammies are not new though.  Can you guess who his favorite superhero is?
This is totally fake.  He was not sleeping at all.
I worked pretty hard to give Spencer a really nice day and I hope that he will always remember his golden birthday.  Elliott will be 16 for his and it just won't be the same.  He'll probably want to spend it with his girlfriend.  I felt like this was my only chance to do up a golden birthday the way it should be done.


k and j said...

Darling!! My kids won't have their goldens til they are teenagers and adults! Crazy!

Sherry said...

Wow, what an exciting birthday! I wish I could have a golden birthday...I'm pretty sure I didn't celebrate mine when I was 5. Haha! Can we pretend we are 5 again and celebrate ours? :-)

Cat said...

Looks like a nice day. You are a great mom. :-)