Sunday, September 22, 2013

A family of superheroes and other randomness

This is a screen shot of the program I use to download pictures from my camera to the computer.  I've done really well in September.  The 3rd was a bit of a blip, but I worked that day and Michael has already hit his quota of taking 6 pictures in 2013. 
And then we get to the 17th, 18th and 19th.  What happened?  Could I have been any lazier last week?
I broke out of my picture funk on Thursday.  Elliott was adorable and it had to be documented.
A little background first.
Spencer dressed up as Superman for Halloween when he was two.  He didn't ask to be Superman, we just picked it because it was cheap and mask, no hat, no fuss. We didn't go to a party and we didn't even really go trick-or-treating, but we can say he participated in Halloween.

We went trick-or-treating at my grandma's house.  I think she gave him four pieces of candy.  That's enough when you're two. 

Back to almost present day.
Spencer is now really into super heroes and is going to be Spiderman for Halloween.  We already bought his costume in August. 
We decided the easiest thing for Elliott this year, at almost age two, is to be Superman.  For the same reasons it was the best idea for mask, no hat, no extras. 
Continuing with the easy plan, I'm going to be Wonder Woman, 
and Michael is going to be Batman. 
I've been on the lookout for a Superman costume for Elliott because I was sure that Spencer's old costume (that has been in the garage for 4 years) would be too small for him.  I've had no luck in finding one that is small enough and cheap enough though, so last Thursday I decided to break out the old one and take it for a spin.
It's actually plenty roomy. 

He was even able to show off his best dance moves.
I told myself I wasn't going to do anything until next weekend, but I hung up some fall wreaths yesterday.  This is our first fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving to decorate in this house and I'm pretty excited.  There will be a full post with 1,785 pictures coming soon.
We had a busy Saturday, including a fun dinner with John and Maryellen, but again, no pictures were taken.
I made up for it, again, today.
The kids chased each other in their underoos.  It's one of their favorite activities.

The weather was also lovely this afternoon.  Lovely enough that we could actually play outside.

Elliott likes to walk back and forth on the bricks.  He might have a future in tightrope walking.

Just in case you were wondering, Megan, this is not the shirt you gave Elliott two years ago.  It IS the shirt that you gave SPENCER two years ago.

Elliott is able to blow his own bubbles now.  Every time he does it it is a fluke, but he'll probably be a pro by next week.
 I bought a julienne peeler last week.....
specifically so I could make zucchini noodles.  They are actually pretty delicious.  I want to julienne cut everything now.


Tracy said...

I love the costumes! I have my kids' costumes already too. I always buy their costumes after Halloween when they are marked down 75%. How do you cook your zucchini noodles? They sound great!

Sherry said...

Yay for getting to re-use old costumes...I love to make Brody wear Evan's old costumes! Eddie, Evan and Brody have decided that Evan should be a police officer this year, and Brody (aka Mr. Bad Boy) should be a prisoner. Haha! And I love how tan Spencer looks next to Elliott in the underoos pictures. Love the outside pictures...your grass looks way greener than ours now. And seriously, I still love the Piggly Wiggly shirts. Megan is awesome to have sent those to your kids. Folks in Charlotte don't even know the awesomeness that is the Pig so imagine my surprise when I see the beloved pig on children growing up in Arizona. I grew up in a small eastern NC town where this was our primary grocery store. We would also call it the Hoggly Woggly! ;-)

Maryellen said...

I think you should photo shop microphones in Spencer and Elliott's hands in the third picture down in the under roo section. It kind of looks like they are giving a rock concert.

I love the baseball pictures! How sweet and all-American!!

Jeannette said...

Love the family Halloween costumes you guys do! I don't think we could ever be that organized/creative.