Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party!

We came home from Vermont on July 9th. On July 10th I made my very first planning list about Spencer's birthday party. 841 lists, 57 phone calls to Megan, 26 late nights and 16 shopping trips later, we threw one hell of a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday party.

Pete provided the kid party favors

They also made a nice decorationFriends and family gathered and had a good time (I hope they're not all lying)

Sara's dad ("crazy uncle Josh") did some funny things with the balls from the ball pit
Ladies chatted
Boys played
Ginger made friends
Families posed

Chelsea looked like a supermodel
People ate

Baby Jacob discovered his lifelong love for books
Megan and Hadley were gorgeous
Lois held a baby
FLASHBACK from Spencer's 1st birthday circa 2008- when Lois held another baby.
I'm going to start calling her the Baby Holder.
Scott joined his lovely ladies
My dad was a boozer
Spencer continued his traditon of refusing to look at the camera
People moseyed about
Presents were opened
Families dressed alike
(Chelsea made this shocking revelation 2 hours into the party. I'm allowed to tease you Chels- I referred to you as a supermodel about 45 seconds ago)
Different generations mingled
Cake was labored over
A duck pond was created to cover a dent in the cake
Minnie drank too much and needed a cane to stay upright
Happy birthday was sung
Candles were blown
3 year olds were happy
Adult party favors were not forgotten
Although I forgot to take an individual picture of Mickey Oreo
People oohed and aahed
The largest difference in age was determined to be 92.5 years
I was happy the party was over
We went to the Disney Store to buy our matching Mickey Mouse shirts about 2 weeks ago. We were pretty excited about the whole matching shirt thing. The cashier asked us if we were buying the shirts to go to Disneyland together. We were no longer excited. We were quite depressed that, in fact, we were not buying the shirts to go to Disneyland.

The party was awesome though. Not as awesome as when you go down that first dip into Pirates of the Caribbean and definitely not as awesome as when you get into the graveyard in the Haunted Mansion and you get to rock out to Grim Grinning Ghosts. But still- awesome.

Thanks to all of you- you know who you are- for making it a great day.


chelsea said...

It was a great party! And, yes, you are allowed to tease me. It really was a good 2 hours into the party when I realized you were all matching. What is wrong with me!
Thanks for the supermodel comment! I'm sure to be going on the road soon, you know, modeling with the sippy cup and all. Maybe it will start a "supermodel sippy cup" trend of some sort?

Megan said...

Super fun party Natalie! I have some more pictures for you. An expecially good one of the Birthday Boy!

Maryellen said...

Hey, I thought I had left a comment already. Oops. I LOVED Spencer's birthday party. Everything was fabulous and Spencer seemed to have an awesome time. He's such a little sweetie pie.

Cat said...

Aww looks like a good time.