Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ginger's Fall Collection

It has become increasingly hard to find cute clothes for Spencer. I go to Carter's and find a million outfits for the male newborn-24 month crowd. I find another million outfits for girls, even in the 2t and above range. But stuff for Spencer for right now? Not so much. My 2t on the bottom and 3t on the top son is not going to be wearing a shirt that says "dude" or has a skull and crossbones on it or depicts a skateboarder doing some fancy move.

And then at the mall today.... suddenly, the heavens parted and light shone upon us.
Ta Da! Couldn't you just die?

There's more in the line too. Buying each piece would cost upwards of $150. I'm tempted to do it and say, "to hell with money. It's just money".


Megan said...

Adorable...where did you find it?

Michael said...

"To hell with money?" I don't think so.

The GVZ's said...

Cute. Do you guys have a Kohl's? I really like their Jumping Beans collection. I haven't looked much at the boys 2T+ stuff, but the girl's line is basic, inexpensive, and doesn't have a rhinestone or the word 'Diva' anywhere in sight.

Maryellen said...

So cute!