Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Word of Advice

Don't ever let your 2 year old find where you hide your nail polish. Even if you've hidden it really well in the closet, not under the sink because under the sink would be too obvious. And even if you have hidden it quite well, hide it higher up. So high that you can't even reach it and therefore never get it out and never paint your toenails.

This is after cleaning- phase 1. There is still a light pink tint. Hopefully phase 2 will remedy that.


Team Eliza said...

oh Natalie - I so feel your pain but from the pictures - phase 1 looked pretty successful - what did you use to clean it?

Natalie said...

A potent combination of nail polish remover, foaming carpet cleaner, a stiff brush, elbow grease (I'm actually a little sore today) and then a run through with the steam cleaner. Phase 2 is going to be doing the same thing again, just with more polish remover- we ran out in phase 1.

Maryellen said...

Phase one was really hard core.