Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas day started immediately with some never befores. My parents didn't decorate their house for Christmas since they were gone the whole month. It didn't feel right to open presents in a plain, could be July or April based on how it looks living room, so we all went to Michael's parents house. Well, except for Nathan and Kendra. They spent their morning at their home with Kendra's parents. We usually spend Christmas afternoon/evening at Michael's parents, so this was different. It was never before #9.

We actually got up, showered, got ready, then put pajamas back on. You have to open presents in pajamas, right?
Spencer's stocking was stuffed.
Spencer is pretending to eat his new fake vegetables. (On a side note: I'm sick and tired of 4th and 5th graders not being able to name fruits and vegetables and I have vowed that this will not happen with my own son.)
My mom was delighted with the new measuring cups/spoons we gave her. This gift came with a condition: she had to get rid of the falling apart set she got for her wedding in 1973.
My dad was also pretty pleased with the Geech poster we made.
Spencer is on his way to an NBA career with his new basketball hoop.
Or, maybe he will be the next Van Gogh, minus all that ear cutting off business.
Ginger did what she does best: slept on the couch.

This is Michael's mom's idea of "a simple breakfast. Nothing fancy".
After eating, we got dressed in real clothes.
Never before #10. Michael's dad bought these sweaters (one for himself and one for Michael) about 5 years ago. They have never worn them at the same time (planned or accidentally). Ha!
After presents and our "simple breakfast" we headed to my aunt and uncle's house for brunch/lunch.

Spencer got some quality reading time with Lois.
And with Girl.
He also stuffed his face with raisins.
My mom, Girl and my cousin-in-law Stacey. My cousin Zack and Stacey live in Seattle and we only get to see them at Christmas.
I wanted a nice picture with my brothers. They thought it would be funny to block my face.

Then Spencer joined us.
And his uncles thought it would be funny to tempt him with wine.
After brunch/lunch we went back to my parents where Spencer took a long and too late nap. Then we went to Nathan and Kendra's for dinner. I took 0.00 pictures at their house. It was the 3rd party in 24 hours with all the same people and I was just sort of pictured out. It was fun though.

Tomorrow is my 8th wedding anniversary. I'm trying to determine if I'm really that old or if I just got married really young. What do you think?


The Yager Family said...

You got married really young! You were, what, 12??? Ooohhh that would make us 20 now... yeah let's go with that!!!
Great pics of Christmas... have a wonderful anniversary!

Maryellen said...

Oh your Christmas was so fun! It was very, very busy. That's what Christmas time is about right?

I think you may have a problem. Spencer looks pretty tempted by the vino. ;)

Laura said...

OMG - you're right! We were wearing the same pj's. Love it! :)