Sunday, November 29, 2009

Turkey Day

Did everyone have a nice Thanksgiving day and long weekend? We had a great day, but the weekend has gone by way too fast. I'm not ready to go back to work.

Thanksgiving Day started with some hijinks with Granddad. My dad seems to be making a scary face, but it wasn't actually meant to be scary.

We always try to take the family picture early in the day. Who knows what will happen to Spencer's clothes and/or face as the day goes on. There was a glare when we went outside. My mom couldn't see the picture on the camera screen and this is what happened. It would be a great picture if Spencer had a face. Then my dad thought he could do better. Again, a great picture if Michael had a whole head. Something was just off about the proportions of this shot. The official 2009 Thanksgiving picture Spencer was lifting his foot to his face. Nathan said that he would die if he tried such a maneuver, so Kendra showed him that it was possible. Somehow Michael missed all of this and when he saw this picture he thought that Spencer was copying Kendra. My Aunt Jan and my Aunt Janis prepping the yummy dinner. Spencer with Gramme I bought a really cute outfit for Spencer back in September. I bought it specifically for him to wear on Thanksgiving. How stupid am I? The outfit includes a fleece vest and it was 84 degrees on Thursday. Plan B was Spencer's beloved Gorilla shirt. Ahhh, the Chocolate Stout Cake. It was DELICIOUS! I think Nathan appreciated finally having candles that were not stuck in a pumpkin pie. Kendra, my cousin Blaine and the birthday boy. We went to Tucson on Thursday evening to spend the weekend. On Friday night we went to the birthday party of a family friend. Since the party was at night and a lot of it was outside, Spencer got to wear the fleece vest. How adorable is this outfit? I want to wear it.


Maryellen said...

Looks like you had a fabulous Thanksgiving. Your official T-day picture is great.

Boo to working tomorrow :(

The Yager Family said...

Glad you had a good Thanksgiving! Looking forward to seeing you soon!