Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Really Lame

I'm so lame. Really, really lame. We had all these fun and interesting plans over the weekend and I captured 0.0% of them on a digital memory card (remember when you used to be able to say "captured on film"?).

On Saturday night John and Maryellen came over for our Fall Spectacular Dinner. We had planned it back in September. The intent was to wear sweaters while we ate warm, cozy, fall-type foods. About an hour before our guests arrived I told Michael to go turn the air down so we wouldn't be sweating over dinner. So much for the plan. Sigh.

I can tell you about the menu. It was mighty tasty. The appetizer was olive oil pita crisps with spinach and artichoke dip. Yum. The first course was a mixed greens salad with candied walnuts (yes, I candied them myself), Danish blue cheese and pears. I whisked up a shallot and lemon vinaigrette to accompany the salad. Yum. The main course was cheese biscuits and beef bourguignon. I used an entire bottle of pinot noir in the beef. Yum. Yum. Dessert was molten lava chocolate cakes with ice cream. I made the cakes, I did not make the ice cream.

Have you ever made beef bourguignon? I used Ina Garten's recipe. For those of you not addicted to the Food Network, she's the Barefoot Contessa and I'd go to great lengths to be invited to a dinner party at her house. I looked at Julia Child's recipe, but honestly, it had too many steps. Ina's recipe calls for 1/2 a cup of cognac. You light it on fire to burn off the alcohol.

Can you see the flames?

Once I got over the fear of blowing my face up, it was pretty awesome. Michael wants me to mention that I forgot to take the WOODEN spoon out before lighting it on fire. The spoon's fine. Really. The table looked really nice. Even Spencer said "oooooh". On Sunday night we met James and Stephanie and their kids Rainer and Zoe at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Phoenix for a surprise dinner for James' birthday. I had my camera, but took 0 pictures. We were just having too much fun laughing and talking. I haven't seen Rainer and Zoe since Spencer was 5 weeks old. I've known them since they were 3 and 1. They are now 11 and 9!

To make up for my lameness with the weekend pictures, laugh at this. Ginger in Spencer's pants.


Maryellen said...

I can attest to the food being AWESOME. I only wish Ginger had been wearing the pants on Saturday.

lady of leisure said...

Based on your yummy description of the menu, I nominate you for the next high school reunion dinner :)

Natalie said...

Chelsea and I actually talked about that at the zoo last week. I think we should plan something for the spring- February or March. Laura, Josh and Sara can stay with you and Chels and her crew can stay with me. I'll host dinner om Saturday night and then we'll go to the Children's Museum on Sunday. You in?

Team Eliza said...

After reading about that meal I soooo want to be your new BFF!