Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Word

Spencer's expressive vocabulary has been growing by leaps and bounds. I swear I hear him say at least 1-2 things every day that I have never heard before. One of the reasons I decided to start blogging was so that I would have a place to record memories- momentous firsts, funny happenings, family events. I do keep a baby book, but it's the kind where you fill in the blanks of pre-written areas and it just doesn't have a spot for what I'm about to share.

Spencer's newest word is "water".

When he says it it sounds like a combination between....




Am I an awful person for using google to find a picture of a prositute and then using it as a visual representation of the word "whore"? Are you going to stop reading my blog because I'm so uncouth? Is it reprehensible that Michael and I giggle everytime Spencer says whoreotter when we turn on the faucet?

Hey, it's a memory and I want to keep it.

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The Yager Family said...

hahahahaha not horrible... hilarious! Lilly has some said things that have made us double take as well! Her "water" wasn't nearly as entertaining though. It was "lala." Random, but boring compared to Spencers pronunciation! I love it!