Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Firsts

Two important Spencer firsts happened on Monday.

#1. Spencer and I made a deal with each other and he actually kept his end of the bargain. This has never happened before. I consider it a teeny tiny inkling of the logical thinking and emotional maturity I hope are developing. I told him he could play outside with the water table if he would let me cut his nails without throwing a fit. He thought about it for a moment, laid down on the floor, stuck his hand out, let me cut his nails, then walked straight to the back door, pointed and said, "mom, whoreotter".

#2. Spencer got his first ever splinter. It was in his foot. He got it in the hallway. It was microscopically tiny. He acted as if his foot had been cut off with a dull, rusty hand saw (so much for the emotional maturity).

These pictures were taken after the actual splinter removal. It's not really possible to take pictures of the process of splinter removal when one parent is holding the thrashing, rabid, pitt-bull of a two year old down while the other parent is pulling the splinter out.

Spencer insisted that the splinter was still there even after it was removed. This is Michael pretending to take it out again.

Please note that we had to use a book light in this process because we don't have any flashlights that work. When the apocalypse happens we will be among the first to die because we are not even prepared with flashlights and batteries for simple splinter removal, let alone the end of days. We are terribly unprepared parents.

This was actually after the splinter was gone. Just imagine his face while the splinter was still under the skin.
It's all good though. Spencer used the book light to flash himself in the eye, so now our main concern is the CATARACT he gave himself.
Holy turkey, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Let that fasting before the feasting begin.


The Yager Family said...

Happy Thanksgiving Natalie! I hope you all have a delicious, splinter free holiday!

Anonymous said...

Is that a Snuggie booklight?? -Megan