Thursday, March 23, 2017

Spring Break Begins!

I got last week off for spring break.  The kids get two weeks and a couple of days, so they still have a few more days before they go back to school

Our spring break started with an overnight visit from Carson and Oriana on Sunday, March 12th.  It was my end of the bargain for having Blaine come to paint the dining room ceiling. 

They had been outside at the (hot) park prior to arriving and my kids are always looking for an excuse to go in the pool so that's where we started.
Oriana had broken her toe the day before.  She did a good job with her crutches and just generally hopping around. 

Carson and Spencer went all the way in.  They will never admit they were freezing, but they totally were. 

After hot showers I made grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner. 

Then it was movie time before bed time. 

On Monday the 13th Spencer went to the orthodontist and then we met Lauren for lunch. 
On Tuesday the 14th Elliott went to daycare (hey, if I have to pay for it, he has to go), so Spencer and I went to paint pottery.  I really struggled with what piece to select and what to paint on it.  I finally settled on a pig appetizer/dessert plate. 

Spencer was immediately drawn to the Easter basket. 

The finished masterpieces!

This took so much artistic effort that I don't have that I was exhausted when I was done. 

We picked up some lunch after pottery painting and came home to watch the first Harry Potter movie.  Spencer finished the book back in February and wanted to watch the movie before starting the second book. 

People may remember that March 14th was the day that a huge blizzard hit the east coast, so I had to share this with my friends in New England in response to their snow pictures.  

Our backyard that day. 

Other notable pictures of the day:

The watermelon sized strawberry Elliott ate for dinner. 
And the "pie" I put together for pie day.  I didn't eat it, but everybody that did said it tasted good.  It just didn't look that great. 
On Wednesday the 15th I had signed Spencer up for a cooking class at The Uprooted Kitchen- Chad and Erin's VEGAN restaurant. 

I was joking that Spencer should wear one of his new shirts. 

They made pesto pizza rolls and dessert apple nachos. 
Elliott and I left during the class, but it ran late so they were still working when we came back.  That was lucky for him because then he got to eat apple nachos too. 

After the class we came home and packed and then drove to Tucson where I failed to take another picture the whole day. 

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Cat said...

I like your pottery. Don't get me started on the snow. Lol