Thursday, March 2, 2017

President's Day Weekend

The Friday before President's Day I taught Art Masterpiece in Spencer's call.  He was thrilled to see me. 

I mean, look at that face. 

That evening we drove to Tucson.  My parents were at Lake Tahoe having a snowy ski vacation and Michael's parents were in Vermont, so we picked up some Eegee's for dinner. Not familiar with Eegee's?

I told Michael to go get some vodka out of my dad's bar.   He got the good stuff. 
On Saturday I went out to lunch with my friend Lisa.  I haven't seen her in probably 8 years, so we made sure to get a picture together. 

Um, not really.

But I did get a picture of the beer menu.  Of which I drank none. 

Then we drove clear across town to Samantha's 5th birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza.  

On Sunday Lisa joined my family for breakfast so she could talk to my dad about becoming active in politics.  She brought 24 donuts with her. 

That afternoon we watched this little guy feast on the prickly pear cactus for quite some time.  I guess he was mad he didn't get any donuts. 

I took the pictures through a window and screen.  They're not bad, considering all the interference. 

On Sunday night we had Jerry, Lois and my Uncle Terry over for a dinner to celebrate Jerry's birthday.  Ginger was all sorts of thrilled. 
It was the first time all the family got together since Aunt Karen died.  It was a mixture of grief, planning her memorial service, remembering her, and celebrating Jerry. 

I made a berry tart for dessert. 

Elliott really wanted to take a picture of my dad.  He got some interesting shots. 

If you combine the one above and the one below, it's a pretty good picture. 

I helped on this one. 
On Monday my dad fixed the lazy susan that had become quite unbalanced.  Ginger assisted. It also looks like my dad is getting melted with a laser beam, but that's just the Tucson sun. 
As we were packing up to leave Tucson I opened a drawer in the dresser in my former room. My mom might have a problem.  She might need some help. 
We got home Monday afternoon and I finally decided it was time to do something about Elliott's blackhead.  He's had a blackhead on his nose for something like six months. 

He refuses to let me squeeze it, so I put a Biore strip on it. 

It didn't work.  It's still there driving me crazy. 

Any ideas for what I can do?  Should I book an appointment for an aesthetician? Is that taking it too far? 

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