Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Ceiling prep and shopping

Behind again!  It's a never ending theme.  I loaded these pictures more than a week ago and intended on writing the post when we were in Tucson last week.  Sometimes I just laugh at my good intentions and how they never happen.

So, I am THREE weeks behind in the timeline.  Completely unacceptable.  

Sunday March 5

This is the only picture I took that day.  It is of note that it takes her at least three minutes to get up on the beanbag and comfy on the beanbag every time she lays there.  Hardly worth it, in my opinion. 
Monday March 6

Blaine is going to paint our dining room ceiling in exchange for us watching his kids overnight.  It's a little deal Joni and I cooked up.  Joni texted me and told me to start picking my colors. At first I was using a room on the Benjamin Moore website that has a ceiling similar to ours. 

Then I figured out how to upload a picture of our actual ceiling so I could change the colors. 

This is the picture I used. 

It was dang hard to get clean lines using the software.  Hopefully Blaine does a better job painting. 

We've decided not to do this. 

And not to do this. 

I'm like 98% certain these are the colors. 

But I might change my mind at the last minute to these. 
Spencer's official 9 years 6 months picture on the 6th.  We're at the halfway point to him turning 10.  Which I refuse to accept. 

Tuesday the 7th was national pancake day, so I whipped up a batch for dinner. 

Look how totally uneven this griddle cooks.  It's because the burner is too small for it. 

Wednesday the 8th was crazy sock day for Spencer.  He picked this combination. 
I gave Ginger a bath that day in preparation for her upcoming birthday.  She was a running fool when it was all done. 

Clean doggie
I went to the mall that day while Elliott was at school.  I parked outside of Sears and cut through there to get into the mall.  Then I saw this ski jacket on sale.  Originally $120.  Bought it for Michael for $20. 
I bought a bunch of stuff at the Gap for myself.  I usually don't buy clothes there, because they are too expensive, but these were 60% off the already on sale price. 

Sunflowers from a stop at the grocery store. 
Thursday the 9th was also a one picture day.  Ginger was cuddling with the stuffed animal Chloe (from the Secret Life of Pets). 

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Cat said...

How often does one need a ski jacket in Arizona?