Monday, March 6, 2017

A slow week post-holiday

When I last left you we had just returned from a trip to Tucson for President's Day weekend.

I worked on Tuesday the 21st.  We were doing auditory processing activities that day and I let each kid print out whatever picture they wanted (within reason) to do for quick breaks. 

I picked Scooby Doo for myself.  
On Wednesday the 22nd I took a bunch of crazy pictures to be entered into contests for a Facebook party I was part of. 

This was a picture of a vacuum, a mop and a sponge all in the same picture. 
"What you're doing right at this very moment" 
(we had just gotten home from school and Elliott was showing me his drawing of him on an airplane). 

"The item that is to your left".
I also worked on Thursday the 23rd.  I dropped Elliott off at daycare and then went through the drive-thru at Dunkin Donuts to get a coffee.  This day was walking around the car and brushing all of his kid's teeth while his wife slowly inched forward.  It was bizarre and probably not very safe. 
Spencer's school had an anniversary celebration on Friday the 24th.  I took a ton of pictures, but they all have too many identifying features, so these are the "safe" ones that don't reveal too much. 

They opened up the time capsule from five years ago and made a new one to be opened in ten years. 
On Saturday the 25th we met Josh, Laura, Sara and Samantha in Maricopa where they had a hotel room for the weekend.  We did bowling all together, then Laura and I drank wine while the dads took the kids to play arcade games and laser tag.

There was a pile-up in their hotel room before we left to come home. 

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