Thursday, February 9, 2017

Sad days post-Disneyland

Leaving Disneyland and driving home has got to be in the top ten of worst days ever.

We got up on Sunday morning and the kids did a fair amount of lounging around while we packed up the room.

We went to Downtown Disney to look for souvenirs one more time and then went out for breakfast. 
Then it was DVDs for the drive home across the desert.

Parents rocked out to 80's hits. 

At least the sunset on the mountains in Arizona was nice.  
We got home way too late and got the kids to bed.  Then, on a total whim, when everybody was in bed I just randomly opened a drawer on the desk.  I found these sets of hand painted state quarters that I have been looking for for four years. (for for four! can you believe that sentence?) 
Now my collection is really complete!  I knew we had them.  I knew we didn't lose them.  I knew we just misplaced them when we moved.  I want to get a display case for them and take them out of this book.

Monday brought unpacking, organizing and 15 hours of laundry. 

The twin bed was still on the floor and Ginger enjoyed a little nap. 

Oh yeah.  And I took pictures of my new mug. 

Monday afternoon Elliott and I took Ginger for a walk and he insisted on wearing ear warmers. It was, like, 72 degrees outside.
I worked on Tuesday.  That evening we went to Kindergarten open house.  What?  How is that possible? 

The teachers talked and then the principal read a book to the kids. 

School starts in a little more than 5 months.  Unbelievable.

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Cat said...

Loved seeing a classroom pic from another school