Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Valentinesy Week

Blah!  I am totally a broken record when I complain that I am once again behind on the blog.  I started a new part-time job a few weeks ago and that has been the main cause of my delay.  Also, Michael's grandfather passed away last week and that has caused some minor upheaval to our day to day lives, mostly just because Michael is going to Vermont for the funeral. 

Anyway.  Going back a couple of weeks to February 13th.  We got all of the Valentine goodies ready for school.

Socks for teachers. 

Applesauce for Elliott's classmates. 

Kool-Aid singles for Spencer's classmates. 

On Valentine's Day we got a surprise and delightful visit from Winston.

He was even dressed IN a Valentine!
He brought Valentine's cards and peanut butter cup hearts for the kids.  The Pokemon stuff was from parents. 

Spencer's place at the table. 

Michael's (Winston brought the parents cards too!)



I had to work on Valentine's Day.  A first grader asked me if she could lick my necklace.  Um, NO. 
After work I met all the boys at Spencer's last running club meet.  Then we went out for an early dinner.  And by early I mean we got there at about 4:50. 

There was no wait at all at that time and we had a perfectly lovely time. 

Pesto deviled eggs for an appetizer. 
And duck fat fries with cheese sauce, bacon and caramelized onions.  Yes, they were delicious.  Yes, I want some right now. 

Spencer got sauceless wings for dinner. 

Michael got a burger. 

Elliott had pizza. 

I got a chicken sandwich. 
We went out for ice cream after dinner. It also wasn't busy, probably because we got there around 6 which is when everyone else was getting to dinner. 

Michael and I got ice cream sandwiches.  The ice cream was great.  Neither of us loved the cookies. 

The day after Valentine's Day I went to Elliott's parent/teacher conference.  My last ever preschool conference. 

Spencer had early release from school so I took them to lunch, 
And then to see the Lego Batman movie. It was hilarious, but I still almost fell asleep a few times.....comfy reclining seats, dark theatre, full tummy. 

On Thursday morning (the 16th), Ginger made it clear she was not getting out of bed. 

I worked all day and then went to Spencer's parent/teacher conference.  I had to sit in the little chair and wait. 

It was about 2 minutes before bedtime when we realized we hadn't taken Elliott's 5 year- 2 month picture. 

See his puffy left eye?  It's like this kid can create eye issues on demand whenever he knows a photo session is coming. 

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