Thursday, February 16, 2017

A mostly terrible week

Last Monday started with me not being able to find Ginger in any of her usual locations.  I was already worried about her since she wasn't walking well at all and I was afraid she had gotten herself stuck somewhere.  No worries though.  I found her sleeping on a blanket in Spencer's room. 

Elliott insisted I take these pictures that day. He thought he was so cool. 

We went to Home Goods before school looking for a red bottle.  We didn't find one. 

The cowboy pictures from cowboy week were up in the hallway at preschool. 
On Monday afternoon I had a 10 year post-braces consult with my orthodontist after Spencer's regular appointment.   He said everything looks good and to keep doing what I'm doing.  Which is basically just wearing my retainers at night and keeping my permanent glued retainers. 

I look so angry in the middle picture!

Monday night I put out my new kitchen towel from Home Goods. 
And then we took Spencer's 9 year- 5 month pictures.  It's the last month he'll be closer to nine than to ten.  What?  WHAT?

His idea

On Tuesday Michael took Ginger to the vet while I was at work.  I phone conferenced in to the appointment.  The vet thought she had a slipped disc, but after the radiologist reviewed the x-rays he said it's just pretty run of the mill arthritis that she aggravated in some way.  The treatment was 2 weeks of pain killers and rest (no walks or jumping). 

The x-rays are pretty sweet.

Tuesday was also the day my Aunt Karen passed away, but I am nowhere close to being able to blog about that yet. 

On Wednesday I went to Hobby Lobby after I dropped Elliott at school.  I bought nothing.  I thought about and mentally debated this wreath, but it was $50.  And that was 50% off. 
After I picked Elliott up from school we went to the airport to pick up my friend Jenn.  We went to graduate school together and I haven't seen her since the day we were awarded our Masters Degrees.  In August 2004.   She was in town to visit some friends and to use up some vacation time before a job change.

I brought her back to my house and we hung out for a few hours and had some wine before I took her and dropped her off at her other friends house. 
I worked on Thursday.  That night I did my Valentine jamberry jamicure (yes, it's a jamicure when you use a jamberry wrap.)
On Friday I had a consult with a periodontist.  We waited close to an hour for the appointment (not so happy about that) and they gave Elliott a donut while we waited (which seems wrong for a dental office).

I decided not to do what the periodontist recommended and I am instead going to get a second opinion next week.  I'm sure there will be a whole post about it soon.  It's all sorts of ridiculous. 

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Cat said...

A donut at the dentist is like last week when the gym had brownies. I was like, wait, what? Is that how they ensure you return?