Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The last two days of 2016

On Friday, December 30th, Elliott and I went to the Tucson mall together.  I got a huge bag of kid's clothes from Crazy 8 for $34.  

He wanted me to take his picture in the elevator in Dillard's.
The kids worked on their gold blocks (stocking stuffers) that afternoon.  They worked quite diligently. 

There was either a nugget of real gold or a stone in each one.  Both kids got a stone. 

That night we went to my parent's friend Sheila's house for dinner.  Her son Dan broke out the giant Jenga. 

My parents belong to a singing group in Tucson.  They perform at senior living/nursing home type places.  I think my parents are the youngest members of the group.  

On New Year's Eve (during the day) my parents hosted a party for the singing group.  I had brought my small bin of New Year decorations with us so we could liven the place up a little.  I doubt anybody even noticed one of them. 

Photo props that I got in the Dollar spot at Target.

We got the group together for a group shot and then they sang for a bit. 

So, see this girl who came to the party with her grandmother (pictured here as well)?  Her grandmother is in the singing group.  Well, she (the girl) asked me where she could get some water and I told her there was no need for water when there was a vat of margaritas at the bar.  Then we laughed and she told me she was 17.  Oops.  Anyway, I took her to the ice and water and we had a nice little talk while doing so.  During this chat she, sort of off-offhandedly, mentioned her ex-boyfriend Chandler Riggs.  My brain glitched when she said his name but I didn't really think all that much of it.  I mean, there have to be quite a few Chandler Riggs's in the world, right?
So, it turns out that she is a fairly famous actress in Hollywood and has been in a number of TV shows and movies.  And she dated THE CHANDLER RIGGS.  Of Walking Dead fame.  
O. M. Geeeeeeeeeeeeee!

She wanted to do the photo props with me. 

I call this Hana Hayes and her old lady mother. 

I'm glad these didn't end up on her very well followed Instagram.  Because, hello.  I look ridiculous. 
In all reality, Hana is just a sweet as can be and Michael and I had a lovely conversation with her and her mother.  

But don't forget.  She dated CHANDLER RIGGS!
And she played the daughter on The Grinder, a show that Michael and I both loved and mourned when it got cancelled.  You know, The Grinder....with Fred Savage and Rob Lowe?  After we realized who Hana was we were shocked we didn't recognize her, but, you know- context.  I was not expecting the actress from that show (or from any other show) to be at my parent's house for their singing group holiday party. 
After everyone left and Michael and I recovered from how "close" we could have been to a trip to The Walking Dead set (Step 1: we become great friends with Hana and her mom. Step 2: we get Hana and Chandler back together. Step 3: we get invited to the set of the Waking Dead. EASY), we set up a magnificent background for family New Year's Eve pictures. 

Banners placed

Too much glare on the TV

Add a tablecloth

Seats for short people

Test shot

Add props and family

That evening we made grilled cheese and grapes for children. 
And ordered BBQ fries for adults.  

We're giving the New Year's Eve BBQ one more chance.  If 2017 doesn't fare better than 2015 and 2016 we're switching to something else.  Maybe Chinese. 
My dad was REAL excited for the countdown to midnight.  Just kidding.  He didn't even make it to 10:00 pm.

There was some weird TV watching and iPad playing. 
Michael, Spencer and I stayed up for midnight and then we had to force Spencer to go to bed.  He claimed it was too early and he wasn't tired at all. 

Welcome 2017!

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