Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The first two days of 2017

Is everybody super impressed with my dedication to blogging?  I've been slowly chugging away every day and should be caught up in, oh, another week or so. 

On January 1, 2015 we went to Brendan and Travis's house and brought new year donuts with us.  A tradition was born.  Last year we got them in Tucson.  So, on Sunday morning Elliott and I headed to Dunkin Donuts in the freezing cold rain.  We were supremely disappointed when we were told that DD didn't do new year donuts this year.  They said corporate didn't approve of it and instead they did some winter snowflake donuts.  LAME!  Corporate Dunkin Donuts- stop trying to ruin lives and get with it for the 2018 new year donuts.

Anyway, the shift manager was super, super, super awesome and made us six new year donuts.  She apologized several times for them not being prettier, because she is not a donut designer or decorator.  I say, who cares.  It was very thoughtful. 

We had a lazy, rainy morning at home.  Then we packed up the 50% off treats I bought from Cost Plus and headed to my aunt and uncle's house. 

Oh wait!  No we didn't.  First we found Winston who had popped up for a very special New Year's Day visit.  I forgot about him.  Much like he forgot to show up until around noon that day. 

But after that we really did go to my aunt and uncle's house. 

The photo props came too. 

My Aunt Karen's birthday is December 30th, so she opened her birthday presents.  See the gold box?

Every year my mom and dad get her a Lenox moose ornament.  They started in 2002.

Poor Spencer was quite sick by this point, but Gus made him feel better. 

The rain continued into the afternoon and then there was a complete rainbow that I was 100% unable to photograph. 
The day ended with me taking a picture of my New Year day shoes.  Just to prove I wore them, since I forgot to pack them and wear them last year. 
January 2nd is the day we finally left Tucson to come home.   Nobody, nobody, nobody wanted to get out of bed or leave. 

My mom didn't want us to leave without packing 32 pounds of cookies to take with us. 

The rest of the day was spent packing, driving, unpacking and then taking Spencer to urgent care.  
Because there is no better time for a trip to Urgent Care than the second day of the year.  Might as well get it over with quickly.  
It was the most worthless trip to urgent care ever.  The doctor confirmed Spencer was really sick and said there was nothing he could do to help because of the medication Spencer's taking for his eczema right now. 

We ended up taking him in to his allergy doctor two days later and left with an entire pharmacy of drugs and within 24 hours Spencer was a totally new kid.  

Stupid urgent care doctor.  

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