Monday, January 30, 2017


Last week, before we left to go to Disneyland, I read all the posts I wrote after our trips to Disneyland in January 2011 and October 2011.  I really enjoyed them.  I'm actually writing this, and my next couple of posts, with the mindset that I will be reading them before our next Disney trip and that it will be way sooner than six years from now.  Six years is way too long to wait for another trip. 

Ginger continued to enjoy night time sleep and day time naps on the twin bed on our floor.  This was Monday the 23rd.

My aunt and uncle were visiting Arizona (they live in Memphis) last week, so I hosted all of my mom's siblings and their spouses on Monday night for dinner.  It was my aunt Jan's birthday last week so we had birthday pie for her. 

I used the Avenger candle from Elliott's birthday party. 

My mom, her sister Kathy, her brother John and her sister Janis.  They are standing by age left to right. 

With spouses 

We used the timer to take a group picture.  This one would have been great.  If my dad was in it. 

This one would have been great.  If Michael was in it.  And it wasn't blurry. 

Not the best, but everyone is in it and it's not blurry. 

I worked on Tuesday.  Usually when I drive to work I get blinded by the sun because at that exact time of day the sun sits right where the sun visor can't block it. 

On this day a glorious cloud perfectly blocked it. 

Right until it didn't. 

My morning commute.  It's not bad. 

That afternoon I bought some cheap portable chargers to get my phone through the day at Disneyland. 

And then I did some red jamberry nail wraps to match my Mickey Mouse clothes. 
On Wednesday morning Ginger left a bit earlier than us,with my parents.  She went to Megan's house in California while we were gone.  We got there at the same time as them and spent two hours at Megan's house before we left for Anaheim. 

I had obviously planned on leaving at 8:00, per the event I created.  We actually started driving at 7:50.  That is one for the record books. 

Snow capped mountains outside of Palm Springs. 

We got to Anaheim around 4:00.  This was the view from our hotel.  It's the back of Cars Land in California Adventure!

We made a quick trip to Downtown Disney to pick up autograph books, and then headed to Slaters 50/50 for dinner.  Nick and his friend Dan, who drove to CA via Route 66 (because they are insane) met us there. 

Michael and I both designed our own burgers. 



He made me photograph the other side too, because the cheese looked better. 

We shared sweet potato fries with pumpkin pie dip and regular fries with bacon ketchup. 

After that it was back to the hotel for a good night's sleep and an early wake up call for DISNEYLAND. 

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Cat said...

I have no idea what pumpkin pie dip is, but it sounds delicious. Is it like pumpkin dip?