Monday, January 23, 2017

Holiday weekend

I already posted about Saturday of MLK Jr weekend, so I'll jump right in to Sunday.  It was a whopper of a day.

Here are the details: we did nothing memorable and I took one picture the whole day.  Ha!
On Monday the kids new booster seats were delivered.  It has been getting increasingly difficult to get Elliott into the five point harness and the straps were borderline too low and couldn't be raised any more.  Plus he had started complaining about it.  Technically speaking, he could have been in a booster 24 pounds ago, but I think it is always better to keep them in a more restrictive seat (safer!) for longer. 
They sat in them for the first time while we went to the movie theater.  Michael and Spencer went to see Rogue One and Elliott and I saw Sing.  Sing started bit later so we wasted some time at Home Goods.  Elliott was 5 years 1 month old, so we tried for his monthly picture. 

He picked this chair. 

I picked this one. 
We went to the park after.  

More monthly photos.   The sun was being tricky.

Spencer was not happy about being there. It took until we were getting ready to leave for him to start enjoying himself. 

It was laundry time when we got home.  Ginger will never not sleep on a pile of laundry on the floor. 

And finally, I ended the holiday weekend with an "after" shot of my jamberry wraps before I took them off.  They were still stuck down really tight, even after 11 days, but I wanted my nails to get a break before I do them again for Disneyland!

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Cat said...

I just saw Sing, it was adorable. What'd you think? I'm intrigued by these Jamberry nails.