Monday, January 9, 2017

Fifteen years

Michael and I celebrated 15 years of marriage on December 29th.  As has become our tradition, since about 2013, we had a movies and meals marathon. 

We started the day with a "daytime" picture of the happy couple.  The happy couple looking increasingly tired and fat from too many holiday festivities. 
Our original plan was to go to a restaurant called Prep & Pastry because every weekend all I see are Facebook posts from people in Tucson eating there.  Unfortunately there was more than an hour wait (on a Thursday morning!), so we went across the street to Baja Cafe, which we'd also heard great things about.

It was a wonderful change of plans.  It's in the top three of breakfasts ever. 

I had the Falcon Benedict.  Just listen to the description: 
Two grilled chorizo and cheese filled pupusas topped with smoked pulled chicken, green chilies, two strips of chipotle bacon, onions and poached eggs. Placed over a black bean sauce and smothered in a house-made cheese sauce. Garnished with pico de gallo and queso fresco.

And just look at this beast.  I ate every bite. 
Michael got the Point Guard Benedict:
Cheese and chipotle bacon filled arepas topped with seared pulled pork, mushrooms, caramelized onions, green chilies and poached eggs. Placed over a New Mexican red chile sauce. Finished with avocado hollandaise, Pico de Gallo and queso fresco.

He also ate every bite. 
Then, as if that wasn't enough, our waitress brought us a free Snickerdoodle pancake (A classic cookie transformed into what may-soon-be a classic pancake. Topped with a light vanilla bean cream cheese glaze) because we had mentioned it was our first time there.

I believe we took these after eating.  Look at us growing fatter by the second. 

After breakfast we went to our first movie of the day- Arrival.  It was fantastic.  Very cerebral and thought provoking with stellar acting performances and well written dialogue.  I've been thinking about it for almost two weeks now. 
After Arrival we had a little snack and some coffee and then went to the second movie of the day.  Office Christmas Party.  It was stupid and hilarious and raunchy fun. I haven't thought about it once since we left the theatre.  Which isn't to say that I didn't like it.  I did.  Very much.  It's just not a thinky movie.
We had a nice little break after the second movie where we went back to my parents house and wore pajamas and hung out with the kids (who had gone to the planetarium with my parents that day) until it was time to get ready for dinner. 
It's been several years since we took an anniversary picture with children.  Now I'm not sure which one to use in our anniversary memory book.

Certainly not this one. 

But maybe this one. 

We were ready for dinner a good 30 minutes before our reservation, so it was time for a little Facebooking. 

Elliott captured me posting.  Another good picture ruined by blur. 
We went to The Wild Garlic Grill for dinner.  There were so many specials I had to take a picture of the boards so we could decide.

We shared a goat cheese and beet salad for an appetizer.   

I got the duck breast. 

Michael got venison. 

We shared a creme brulee. 
And finally, totally stuffed, we headed to the last movie of the day.  Passengers.  It was also thought provoking and had exciting action and decent dialogue.  We both really liked it.  Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt?  What's not to like. 
We got home around 1 am and I took a picture of my parent's house since it was totally 100% black except their lights.  

Happy anniversary to us!

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