Friday, January 13, 2017

Citrus and a fancy party

Guys!  I've almost done it! I am almost caught up in the timeline.  I decided to just cram all of Saturday, January 7th into one post to get me a bit closer to my goal.  There are a ton of pictures, but not that much to say, so you can probably just enjoy one drink and be done. 

On Saturday morning my Sisterhood group was invited to Brenda's house to pick citrus and have lunch.

She had a rock painting table set up for the kids when we got there. 

Brenda's grand-dog was visiting.  Elliott loved him.  Or her.  I can't remember now. 

After some painting and visiting we started picking.  Brenda's trees are mature and prolific producers. 

Even though jamberry wraps are quite sturdy I decided I didn't want to risk damage to them with thorns and branches and whatnot, so I decided my job for the day was to protect my nails and take pictures.  

I'm modeling my job here. 

After picking it was time for lunch. 

Kids ate inside. 

Ladies outside. 

Then Brenda took the kids for rides around the neighborhood on their ATVs.

There were a few more shenanigans. 

And then we had to get home so we could drive back to Tucson.  We got to Tucson at 4:00, did some speed racing getting ready and left my parent's house at 4:50 to go to church.  Then we headed to my brother's house for his annual holiday party.  Nick usually has this party in December, but he was gone for work until December 17th so he had an Epiphany/ Three Kings party this year.  The dress code is always "dress to impress".

I think we were dressed to impress. 

Lois, my mom and I had already pre-arranged to wear gold and black. 

My friend Brendan showed up at 10:00 just as we were getting ready to leave and then I felt like I couldn't leave, so Michael took the kids back to my parent's house and I ended up staying until 1:00 am.  I had a blast, but it made for an awful 7:30 wake up call on Sunday. 

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Looks like a fun party!