Friday, January 6, 2017

Christmas Eve

Finally!  After the post about the Eve of Christmas Eve Eve and the post about Christmas Eve Eve we are finally at the real, authentic Christmas Eve. 

The day actually started with some shopping.  Michael and I had forgotten to go to the butcher shop to get the bacon we always get my uncles, so we made a last minute trip in Tucson. 

We also went to two Walmarts for a gift we forgot to buy for Spencer (Pokemon boxer briefs- for when I'm reading this post in five years and I wonder what) and we were reminded why we don't move back to Tucson.  A trip to any Tucson Walmart is a good reminder. 

The kids played video games while we were gone.  It was pretty much hour number 1 of 1,450 hours of video game playing over the next 10 days. 

OK, they did decorate cookies that day too. 
After our morning shopping trip I did my second set of jamberry wraps.  I'm hooked.  These lasted a really long time too.  I took them off after 12 days, but they could have gone another day or two. 
We went to 4:00 mass, but I made everybody take pictures before church. Good thing too because it was raining when we walked back out to the car and my hair never did regain it's original volume. 

A test shot.  I realized the lens was dirty as is evidenced by the smear on my face. 
I bought Elliott's sweater after Christmas last year.  I paid 72 cents for it.  I'm positive I already told you that, but, whatever. 

Elliott will probably wear Spencer's sweater next year. 

People started arriving around 6:00

My parent's friend Rosemary. 

She always brings gifts for the kids. 
We broke out the eggnog that had been aging for six weeks.  It was triple boozy and it was smooth and mellow and delicious. 

Ginger hated her necklace, so I didn't make her wear it. 

I plated the salad. 

Plum pudding that my mom made in late September and has been bathing in alcohol on a regular basis since then.  This is Nick pouring flaming grand marnier all over it. 

Right before bed we did water and carrots/apples for the reindeer, 

and cookies/hot chocolate/milk for Santa. 

Hooray Christmas Eve!

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Cat said...

Looks like a lovely evening!