Saturday, January 7, 2017

Christmas Day

There are 756 pictures in this post (approximately), so sit back and enjoy the Christmas Day festivities. 

Santa came!

Ginger seemed to be ashamed about it!
Everybody slept in on Christmas morning.  Until after 8:30.  I think Elliott was actually the last one up. Spencer was nice and patient and waited until we were all ready, but he was really excited about getting the presents started. 

Money from Uncle Nick trapped in a box.

We never did figure out how to open it.  Uncle Nick had to demonstrate. 

Ginger was thrilled about her stocking. 

Santa brought Spencer a whole crew of Mario plush toys.  Just what he needed!  More stuffed animals. 

I had to threaten Elliott to get into a festive mood because he was acting like a 100% jerk and refused to open anything.  He got way behind and had to play catch up once he realized that it's actually fun and NOT torture to receive gifts.  You'll notice there are very few pictures of him because he was either laying on the floor moaning or trying to sneak out of the living room to go hide in the bedrooms. 

Spencer made this bag for us and there was a gift inside. 

I had to significantly darken the picture so you could see it. 

Oh look.  There's the Grinch. 

Santa Grandpa brought a telescope for himself and the kids. 

Uncle Nick showing how to open the box. 

Setting up the telescope. 
After we were done opening presents I had to move a bunch of cookies to make room for gifts. My mom and the kids had done all of the letters in their names. 

Trading pokemon cards. 
After breakfast, walking Ginger and resting we headed to Michael's parent's house.  We took our annual family Christmas picture.   

We tried using the timer first.  There were varying degrees of success. 

This is the winningest loser.

We had more success having Uncle Gary take the picture. 

I had just been saying that I hadn't eaten any peppermint bark in Deember, and then this appeared. 

The kids both had Christmas t-shirts for the day. 

And Ginger had a cozy sweater.  That she hated. 

Spencer was showing off his new Pokemon binder.

He made me take pictures of every page.  I won't make you look at them though. 

After Christmas dinner we met up with Megan and walked through Winterhaven to look at all the lights.   She took a great family picture of us. 

Cropped and darkened.  

I was taking pictures of the color changing tree when my phone completely died because I somehow totally drained the battery. 

The night ended at my brother's house having a few drinks after we put the kids to bed.   

Hooray Christmas Day!

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