Thursday, October 20, 2016

Road Trip to Arkansas: Day 3 (Ceremony)

I had actually intended on being DONE with the road trip posts by today, but for a variety of short term reasons, work is KILLING me right now and I have had no energy or desire to blog in the evenings/night.  I don't have to go back to work until Tuesday though, and all the short term reasons are over, so from now on  it should be smooth sailing. 

Let's journey way back to Saturday, October 8th.  The day of the wedding.  The ceremony didn't start until 3:00 pm, so that morning we drove over to the house that Daniel and Katie just bought.  It felt weird to be intruding on Daniel on the actual day of his wedding, but he was happy to show us around.

Picture compliments of google. 

A basset hound cookie jar?  I always knew Daniel was awesome. 

And basset hound salt/pepper shakers?  That boy is going places.

My dad was the one to flat out insist on this photo shoot. 
Their house is in a neighborhood by this gorgeous woodsy area (Side note: I live in the desert in a neighborhood surrounded by concrete, asphalt and landscaping.  I don't even know what to call this type of land) so we stopped on our way out to take some nature pictures. 

I took one picture,

and then Michael pointed out the dead snake we were standing by. 

Back to the gorgeousness. 

The colors were just barely starting to change. 

Then we went to the Walmart in Harrison, which holds the distinction of being the second Walmart anywhere.  The first is in Bentonville, a bit further northwest of Harrison.   We bought some Arkansas souvenirs. 
Then it was time for the wedding.

Pictures in front of the church. 

I like how my dad helped to center us like I so carefully centered him and my mom.

We were still in the front when we got to witness the "bride and groom together but not seeing each other before the ceremony" pictures.  These didn't exist when I got married.  The internet invented them. 
I bought my dress having no idea the wedding colors were navy blue and silver. I've been to many weddings where I accidentally matched.  It's like a weird talent I have.  
I was afraid I wouldn't get another chance, so I took a picture of Daniel with the basket from our wedding.  I did get another chance later though. 

Inside the church. 

Named edited to protect the innocent. 

Church selfie. 

Daniel insisted that we sit in the front with his family.  It was very sweet of him. 

And they are married! 

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Cat said...

What is it with you ending up at Wal-Mart on your road trips? :) You could do a compare and contrast on those. lol