Thursday, October 6, 2016

Almost fall break

Last week was the last week of school before the kid's started fall break.  In some ways the last 10 weeks went by very quickly and in other ways, thank goodness we finally made it to vacation.

Elliott and I made muffins on Monday.  That sound like the title of a children't book I should definitely write.

Ginger was disturbed by our baking. 

Spencer wanted nothing to do with us and played outside in the actually decent weather. 

The finished product. 

Tuesday was the Cardinal's training camp at Spencer's school. 

I was at work, but Michael was home with Elliott so they went over there to take some pictures. 

In the mean time I was photographing my shirt in my office to put on Instagram.  I had an unexpected break in my day because both kids in that group were absent. 
Wednesday was Nerd Day for Spencer.  He doesn't get as enthusiastic about dressing up for spirit week as he once did. 
Elliott and I took a major trip to Target after school that day and since I was already spending $5 million dollars on other stuff I agreed to let him get this spooky phone that he has wanted since last year.  

Spencer took these pictures. 

On Thursday we went to Cookie with a Cop and got to try on some gear. 

And Ginger was once again disturbed by us making noise during a nap. 
On Friday I did some major organization for upcoming events.

A birthday present for one of Elliott's friends. 

A baby shower present for Monica. 

Two pairs of jammies!
And a wedding gift for Daniel and Katie.  The wedding will be a bunch of upcoming posts since we're going to Arkansas for it 

I cut the end off this watermelon while making dinner on Friday and when I cut into it the whole thing split open and released a bunch of pressurized watermelon mist.  It was insane. It actually made a cracking noise and happened freakishly slowly. 

Elliott had the perfect fine motor activity to keep him occupied. 

Up next: a double party day.

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Cat said...

Nice action shot of Spencer. Yikes on the watermelon, that's a new one. And I see a familiar looking wedding gift. :)