Friday, September 16, 2016

Spencer's Angry Bird party

Spencer told me right after his 8th birthday party last year that he wanted an Angry Birds theme for his 9th birthday.  It was on that day, an entire year ago, that I started envisioning the cake.  The final product is not exactly what I had planned, but it's pretty close.  The final product is also my second attempt, because the first attempt totally fell down and crashed much like when the angry birds knock the pigs down in the game.

I made a pan of brownies on Thursday night and then decorated Friday evening.

Here is it from every angle. 

With the cake done, the rest of Friday night was used to get some of the other food ready, 

decorations done,

And gifts for the attendees ready. 

I had a really, really, really hard time finding Angry Birds stuff (decorations, party supplies, etc) in the stores.  It was pretty surprising actually, considering the movie came out in May and did relatively well.  I know that when we picked this theme a year ago I wasn't worried at all since every time I went shopping I saw lots of stuff. Well apparently I should have been buying every time I found something and not waiting, because it was a struggle to get enough of anything with the theme.

We ended up making these little gummy worm bags because I couldn't find the gummy fruit snacks I had seen last year anywhere. 

We were lucky to find these socks at Hobby Lobby just days before the party.  Each kid got a pair. 

They also each got a few Angry Birds trading cards. 

I ordered the bags from Amazon. 

Saturday was party day.
I got these movie posters for free at Phoenix Children's Hospital and used one of them on the front door so the kids knew what time the movie would start.

We took this family after some kids had arrived but I knew if we didn't do it before the party really got going it would never happen. 

We added some more toys on the side. 

We let the kids play inside for about 30 minutes but as soon as the lifeguard arrived, promptly at the time I asked him to, it was into the pool.  Then they didn't get out for a solid 2 hours.  They had a blast.

Sayuri was remarkably good at sticking her landing onto the gecko.

Spencer had some interference when Cole threw the inner tube, but even without that Spencer had a hard time remaining upright. 

I never saw Cole do it either. 

But Sayuri could do it even when the gecko was backwards.

The Angry Birds beach ball I ordered from Amazon got quite a lot of use. 

And our lifeguard, Andrew, (who we hired last year too) was great about making the kids wait their turns. 

Spencer's friend Julian didn't want to swim so he's missing from this picture, otherwise these are the buddies that were there. All of them except Sayuri have been in school together since Kindergarten.  She came in 1st grade. 

I made them take a posed photo at the 15 minutes left mark.  Then they all had to get in about 1 million more jumps. 

After the lifeguard's time was up we made the kids come in and get dressed.  I bought this ball toss thing at a yard sale for $2 and they played with it while I got lunch ready. 

Totally worth $2.

Pizzas in the oven.  

Fruit.  One kid had one scoop of strawberries.  Glad I offered this healthy choice. 
Extra snacks on the coffee table.  The party store discontinued their entire line of Angry Birds party supplies over the summer and plates/napkins/cups were really expensive online, so I stuck Angry Bird stickers on the napkins and decided that was good enough.

Angry birds blanket for decoration and cuddles. 
The red bird pizza melted and morphed a bit, as was expected, but still looked pretty good after his 375 degree journey. 
We let the kids eat while we watched the movie.  I heard two of them say that this was the best birthday party they had EVER been to. 

Julian also didn't want to watch the movie, so he's still missing here.  Julian was having a rough day.
Sayuri was going to have to leave a bit early, so after the movie we sang to Spencer and had him blow out his candles. 

Then we did pin the tail on the red bird.  I found it on Amazon and it ended up being a great purchase because it was a cute decoration plus all the kids had a surprisingly great time playing it.  Three cheers for classic party games. 

Julian wanted to participate!

The party ended with the highlight of any party- presents!





Last year Spencer said he wanted Angry Birds for nine and Sonic for ten.  Now he's changed his mind (with a bit of urging from me) to do Pokemon for ten.  There is so much Pokemon stuff out right now I might just purchase everything and get his party ready 12 months in advance.  

If we both stick to our promises it will be his last themed party.   It makes me nervous just thinking about it. 

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